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One Day Herbal Workshop

I am now offering 1 day workshops on Natural Skincare and Basic Herbal Remedy Preparation. What you will learn in this interactive, hands on Workshop is how to make the following: 

  • Facial Scrub
  • Spritz
  • Basic Cleanser
  • Basic Creme
  • Herbal Wine
  • Edible Hebal Oils
  • Edible Herbal Vinegar
  • Syrups and Oxymels 
  • As well you will learn to make some of the base ingredients for skincare products.

Alchemy is a big part of Herbal Medicine as I see and practice it. Purification, regeneration and transformation through the use of Herbs.

Ways that Herbs can be used:

Tablets, capsules, infusions, decoctions, tinctures, fluid extracts, syrups, juices (succus) glycertracts, oxymels, Externally as: creams, ointments, infused oils, compresses, lotions, poultices, liniments, pastes, in baths, suppositories {vege glycerine, liquid – infusion, decoction, tincture or fluid extract, and vege gelatine or agar agar) powders, herbal wines, herbal vinegars, edible herbal oils, jams, soups, broths, smoke, pillows, sachets, plasters, lozenges, snuffs. Pastes, Edible Pastes, Smudge sticks.

One Day Herbal Workshop Information:

This workshop which runs for a full day , would suit busy mums, students who dont have much time or those who wish to know a little more about Herbs but dont wish to do a full course . It is a lot of fun and a great way to introduce herbs into your daily life . You will also save money and have great hand made gifts to give for birthdays and Xmas .

Course Fee:

The Workshop fee is $150, notes will be supplied as well as detailed instructions on how to make all of the preparations.


Phone : 0412180796 or email The Herbalist

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