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Sexual Health

In This one day workshop we will be looking at Herbs that enhance Sexual / Reproductive Health. We will also look herbs to increase  Libido, to Strengthen Yin or Yang Essence, Aphrodisiac herbs, Tonics for Male  and Female Reproductive Health, herbs for prostatitis, for Kidney Yang, herbs for contraception.

Ways that Herbs can be used:
Tablets, capsules, infusions, decoctions, tinctures, fluid extracts, syrups, juices (succus) glycertracts, oxymels, Externally as: creams, ointments, infused oils, compresses, lotions, poultices, liniments, pastes, in baths, suppositories {vege glycerine, liquid – infusion, decoction, tincture or fluid extract, and vege gelatine or agar agar) powders, herbal wines, herbal vinegars, edible herbal oils, jams, soups, broths, smoke, pillows, sachets, plasters, lozenges, snuffs. Pastes, Edible Pastes, Smudge sticks.

Sexual Health Information:

This is a 1 day workshop designed to assist you to have better Sexual health and for prevention of Reproductive Dis- eases.

Course Fee:

The Workshop fee is $150, notes will be supplied, however you will need a pen and notebook for additional information that will be given.


Phone : 0412180796 or email The Herbalist

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