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Bacopa : Bacopa monnieri - Brain tonic

Basil : Occimum basilicum - Nervine, assists memory 

Gingko : Gingko biloba - Brain tonic , crosses the blood brain barrier, memory enhancer , also contains a MAOI. 

Gotu Kola : Centella asiatica - Brain tonic, enhances memory

Mucuna : Mucuna puriens - Anti anxiety, contains L - DOPA which is a precursor to the neurotransmitter Dopamine, it also contains trace amounts of seratonin

Rosemary : Rosmarinus officials - Anti depressant , memory tonic  nervine

Sage : Salvia officials - Nervine , memory tonic

Sandalwood : Santalum album / Spicatum -Cooling and calming  for the mind

Withania : Withania somnifera - Nervine , used for memory loss

NB. do not use if taking SSRI's,  anti - depressants or Parkinson's medication. 

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