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Common Ailments

We are in human form and as such are susceptible occasionally to different ailments which can affect our day to day.

In This course we will be looking at different common ailments and the herbs you can utilise to deal with them . We will look at the causes of the ailment and how the herbs work to alleviate the cause and symptomology of the Ailment.

This course will empower you and give you powerful but simple tools to lead a healthier, happier life .

Common Ailments Information:

A 1 day Herbal Workshop designed to give you the information and tools to deal with common ailments like colds, flu, insomnia etc This workshop which runs for a full day, would suit busy mums, students or those who wish to know a little more about Herbs for their own health and well being but dont wish to do a full course.

Course Fee:

The Workshop fee is $150, notes will be supplied, however you will need a pen and notebook for additional information that will be given.


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