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The Herbalist, Dipaunka Macrides


Welcome to the Herbalist

~ In Plants we Trust, Shining Love into the World through Nature's Technology ~

Herbal Classes

My definition of a herb is " Any Plant or part of a plant that can be used as Medicine " 

Take classes in herbal home use, massage, meditation, grow as much of your own food as possible, get a dehydrator and turn excess food into nutritious snacks for your self and your family. Sell or trade the excess food you make .You don't need to take pharmaceutical drugs to feel well or to heal yourselves. Nature has provided us with everything that we need. For every dis-ease or ailment, nature has a cure. Get seeds, plants, start seed banks, swap, trade or give plants and seeds away. Through herbs we can HEAL the world. 

For Testimonials from my Clients and Students click here - Testimonials

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New Website http://www.aphrodisiac.tips/

Herbal Products

This website is a resource for people interested in healing with herbs and for self-empowerment regarding their health . I manufacture 99.9 % of the Herbal Tinctures that I use in my treatments, this ensures Quality and an awareness of each individual tincture and how it will perform . It also means  I can infuse them with specific healing energy and Universal Life-force. I use as many herbs as I can from my garden for making my tinctures, either fresh or dried.  What I cant or dont have growing I source from 2 Australian Herb Importers . I get organic or wildcrafted herbs where possible . I also make a range of Flower Essences and Sound Essences from plants in my garden which are very effective in clearing emotional / spiritual blockages.

Click here for more information on my:
Flower Essences, Herbal Actions
Herbal Tinctures, Smudge Sticks, Sound Essences

Herbalist Services

I give advice on healing with herbs for people who want too try another way of dealing with their health issues {so email me if you have a health question} and also a little healthy Herbal Anarchy.It is imperative in this moment in our world that we claim back our right to heal as we see fit . That we claim back our sovereignty, that we as a community ,dont allow things like Codex Alimentarius ( do some research on this ) to dictate to us what we can and cant ingest as foods, supplements or medicine. That we speak up and not become or stay as Sheep.

My other web page http://www.groveofpan.com.au/


I also would like to inspire people out there to start growing more Herbs and their own Food.Our Earth now more than ever needs our help to Heal. So plant, propagate, educate, research . Just do it. Read, recycle, reuse, replenish, replant, permaculture your garden, get rid of your lawn. Eat from your garden, use herbs as Food , improve your health. As we heal individually , so does the world heal collectively. The healing ripples out like a wave to family, friends , the world.

Herbalist DVD:

Check out The Herbalist's  DVD. On it I create 7 herbal recipes in my kitchen, with easy steps on how to prepare, use and create natural products that will benefit your well being and health. See Books.

Have a read of the articles I have written by clicking the articles button and if you want some herbal info have a look at the herbs in the herb gallery. I run courses in Home Herbal knowledge as well as , intermediary and advanced courses in Herbal Medicine . Please feel free to email me if you have any good links that you would like to share or links to your own home page, I can put them in my links page.

I have written a Vegetarian/ Vegan recipe book with lots of great dishes , dips, drinks and sweet recipes that I have come up with , collected or been given over the years .The editing is Finished Yahoo ( big thanks to Kelli and Vibodha ) and they are for sale now. This book will be available in PDF form very soon. It has pictures of some of the dishes ,  plus a Vegetarian cooking DVD is also on the back burner .

I am working on another  book on Herbs for common Ailments . 


The World situation is growing more critical , we all need to recognise this and work both together, and individually to turn it all around. We have the POWER , We can make a difference, We are the 99 % . The Power of ONE is Enormous eg: Buddha, Mahatma Ghandi , Socrates, Lao tse, Osho, Plato, Mother Teresa, David Suzuki, You, Me !!!

Freedom is The key word and I feel that now, more than ever we need to be aware of just how much of our rights and freedom of choice are subtly or not so subtly and insidiously being undermined. We need to make sure we do not become complacent and think that everything is ok, IT'S NOT!

The slogan that says it all  " Death by 1000 cuts  " 

See World View

It is time to embrace the Feminine, to honour Gaia , our Mother Earth for all her gifts , to cultivate more Love and Forgiveness in our lives . We are all One, Brothers and Sisters , together we stand , or together we fall . Our Choice . Opening up our hearts and remembering who we Truly Are, is very much the path to follow.

Just another thought for those of you who want too live on the land but apparently haven't got enough Bucks or think you haven’t. Get a group together , pool your resources and buy some land , community is definitely one possibility of owning land and not having a mortgage ( The word mortgage is a Law French term meaning "death contract," meaning that the pledge ends (dies) when either the obligation is fulfilled or the property is taken through foreclosure. ) More than ever we need to work together , support each other and get off the grid and out of the system . The Amish people in America are doing this quite successfully . 10 People in one day can achive a lot more than 1 person in 10 days.

Disclaimer : At The Herbalist, we do not diagnose disease or illness. We can offer programs to assist in your health journey , after you have had advice from your doctor or specialist. Should you have unexplained symptoms, please speak to your doctor or specialist . We make no healing claims about any of the products sold on this website.