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Herbs for Common Ailments

If you click on the Ailment on the left you will be taken to a page of Herbs for the specific Ailment. Click on the Photograph or Common Name of the herb you will be taken to another page with a bigger picture & information on the herb. 

The info for majikal properties comes from Scott cunninghams " Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs " and my own knowledge & experience. 

These herbs can also be found in the Herbal Gallery, which lists all the Herbs. 

 All other information on the herbs comes from my own knowledge & experience and the following resources :, The Holistic Herbal - David Hoffman, The Encyclopedia of Medicinal Plants - Andrew Chevallier, Potters New Cyclopedia of Botanical Drugs & Preparations, The Yoga of Herbs- David Frawley and Vasant Lad, The constiuents of Medicinal Plants - Andrew Pengelly, The Energetics of Western Herbs - Peter Holmes, Nutritional Herbology - Mark Pedersen.

You can also find useful information in our Articles and What's New sections.

Click below for a list of Herbs useful for different ailments:

Herbs for Arthritis
Herbs for Asthma
Herbs for Candida
Herbs for Colds
Herbs for Conjunctivitis
Herbs for Constipation
Herbs for Cough
Herbs for Cystitis
Herbs For Depression
Herbs for Diarrhoea
Herbs for Eczema
Herbs for Flatulence
Herbs for Flu (Influenza)
Herbs for Good Digestion
Herbs for Hayfever
Herbs for Headache
Herbs for Indigestion
Herbs for Insomnia
Herbs for Period Pain (Dysmenorrhea)
Herbs For Psoriasis
Herbs for Rheumatism
Herbs for Stress
Herbs for Water Retention
Herbs for Whooping Cough
Herbs for Worms (Parasites)

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