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Turkey Tail -Trametes versicolor

Turkey Tail Mushroom, another amazing fungi with wonderful curative properties. ... Read this Article

Red Root - Ceanothus americanus

This is an amazing new addition to our range. ... Read this Article

Lions Mane - Hericium erinaceus

This Mushroom promotes neurogenesis and is good for Alzheimers, Parkinsons, M.S . ... Read this Article

Uva Ursi - Bearberry

This herb has been scheduled by the TGA not to be used internally as a tincture. It contains Arbutin ... Read this Article

Maitake - Grifola frondosa

Maitake is the Japanese name for the mushroom, Grifola frondosa. Curiously, Maitake in Japanese means ‘the dancing mushroom’. ... Read this Article

Palo Santo -Bursera graveolens

Used to clear energy, ground and aid in meditation and going deeper in healing work. Palo Santo is used for its energetically cleansing and healing properties similar to Sage and Cedar. ... Read this Article

Jasmine Flower Essence - Jasminum officinale

This essence will increase Yin energy and brings a deep aura of femininity to the user. ... Read this Article

West Australian Wattle Hydrosol

New to our range of Organic Hydrosols. Very delightful ... Read this Article

Herbal Nutrition

This is a list of commonly used herbs and some vegetables [ See my definition of a herb] and the nutritional components of each one. ... Read this Article

Sneaky Sugars

How much sugar are you eating each day ! ... Read this Article

White Sage Hydrosol

This spray is for clearing space and getting rid of negative energies. ... Read this Article

Agua Da rosa (Heart Spray)

This is for opening up the Heart and healing old wounds ... Read this Article

Agua da Ruda Plus

This is a Shamanic spray for clearing space and cleansing your home / objects/ self of negative energies. ... Read this Article

Mens Health - Sexuality Explored

When thinking about Men's Health I always think of that great skit in Monty Pythons, The Holy Grail – In which a knight has a limb cut off and is bleeding everywhere , and shouts out to the opposing knight “ It’s only a scratch , come back and fight “ etc as further dismemberment takes place . 95 % of my clients are women ranging from small children - women in their 70’s. 99 % of my students in Colleges where I teach are Female. I literally have 1- 2 males in each of the 3 classes I teach at present. That is 3 men out of 76 students. Something wrong with this picture ?? ... Read this Article

Herbs 2

It is now autumn but by the time you read this it will be winter . Now is the time to stock up on all the immune boosting and respiratory herbs in preparation . Have lots of garlic, lemons, chilli , and honey on hand. ... Read this Article


Education , something that all of us have been or are involved with either personally or because we have children who are at School . We place so much importance on scholastic achievement and learning of mundane things like maths, economics but how many of us teach our children life skills or how to heal themselves . ... Read this Article

Herb News

There are a multitude of health issues which manifest in our world for we human beings . To my mind and what seems blatantly obvious is that we have been provided with an abundance of remedies from Mother Nature , reiterating again how interconnected we /everything is . Something we tend to forget in our rush and scurry lives . So use herbs on a daily basis for your food , medicine and body care . ... Read this Article


Here I am dealing with a delicate subject for some people but one that needs to be addressed as it is a common one , from small children through to adults . This Fungal infection has several names depending on it’s location in the body . ... Read this Article

Post Festive

So the festive season is over and you’ve put on a few extra kilos , many new years resolutions about going to the gym , trimming up , getting fit and looking good for summer . ... Read this Article


Bless you , Gusendheit , Yasoo , it’s Springtime and for those of you who suffer Hay fever not a very pleasant time of the year . All those beautiful flowering trees and plants that look so good can be a bane for Hay fever sufferers . The characteristics of Hay fever for those that don’t know are sneezing , itchy eyes , nose , runny nose as well as post nasal drip . ... Read this Article


Spring is just around the corner { the best time of the year of course , being a spring child myself } so get busy preparing your gardens for planting . If you have access to the internet then check out this site , . They have the most amazing range of Non Hybrid Herb and Vege seeds I have ever seen. ... Read this Article


How many women get caught up in the Beauty myth and are guided by the latest Cleo , Dolly etc that dictates how you should look, how much you should weigh , how to get rid of your cellulite . A little secret , they airbrush the models pictures and use computer imaging to whisk away those tell tale dimples . ... Read this Article

Immune System

It is now autumn but by the time you read this it will be winter . Now is the time to stock up on all the immune boosting and respiratory herbs in preparation . Have lots of garlic, lemons, chilli , and honey on hand to have in your food or even as teas ... Read this Article

Zen Beauty (from a Herbal Perspective)

The saying “ beauty is only skin deep “ is true on one level – hours in make up , soft focus lenses , lighting , airbrushing , etc can make almost anyone look great on film or in a magazine or poster or studio portrait . However from a Naturopathic / Wholistic/ Herbal point of view Beauty starts on the inside . Inner beauty is reflected on the Outside. ... Read this Article

Herbs & Women's Health

For the past five centuries or so Western Women’s Health has been undermined and subjugated to the patriarchal system that even in this so called liberated age still dominates what happens to women’s bodies . Yes there is more awareness and yes progress Has been made but we still have a long way to go. ... Read this Article

Herbs, Colds and Flus

I thought we could look at an old recipe for colds and flu’s . This consisted of Elder flowers { I would also include the berries which are rich in Vit C } Peppermint and Yarrow. ... Read this Article

Herbs & Asthma

Air is something we all need yet take for granted. The automatic process of breathing ( though some people don’t breathe properly ) is something we don’t give a second thought to , but for some one who suffers from Asthma , they are very concious or should be about this process. It is a very stressful occurrence, more so for the person suffering the attack but also for any loved ones who are witness to this. ... Read this Article

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