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Gratitude and Entitlememt

How much do we take for granted, simple things like turning on a tap and clean water comes out, amazing filtered rain water if you live in the country and that is your only source of water. 

We flick a switch, on comes a light, air-conditioning, our computer, we have our mobile phones to call family and friends. The fridge full of food is humming n the kitchen, the washing machine, whirrs in the background cleaning our clothes. 

We have recently experienced 2 seperate days where we live, when it has been over 40 degrees and there has been no power from early morning until very late at night. Only 2 days but still very impactful. 

Every time we checked when the power would be back on, the message was the same " the estimated restoration time is unknown" 

As we have electric pumps that pump water from the tank to the house the following occurred.

 We had to get buckets of water from the rain water tank to flush the toilet, have a wash in and have water to drink, plus sitting inside with  hand fans to cool down our hot bodies, hand watering with buckets and watering cans, our precious plants and vegetables. 

 That soon makes you aware of how much we rely on the infrastructure that we take for granted. 

Fortunately we have a solar generator that we could use to run the fridge to keep the food from spoiling. When the power came back on we gave a prayer of thanks to the work crews who had been working all day in sweltering heat, putting their lives at risk to restore the electricity that we take for granted. 

We reflected on how lucky we are that we have these luxuries that we take for granted. 

 That we are not living in another part of the world where we need to walk 5 miles to the local well to then carry a large jug full of water back to our village that will be for drinking, cooking, bathing. Then have to do it again the next day and every other day after that.

That we can go to the fridge to get ice cubes to put into our juice or get amazing organic food to nourish our bodies and not have to scavenging through Rats nests all day to collect enough grains of rice to feed our family for that day. 

That we can flick a switch and have light or cool the house down with the air-conditioner, or sit and watch a movie on the comfortable couch. 

How many times do we stop and say a big THANK YOU, to sit in gratitude for all that we have that we take for granted . I believe we need to really open ourselves to being in Gratitude each and every day. 

 What will happen if the power goes out for 2 days, a week, a month ?? Will that be the beginning of the Zombie apocalypse  ??

Will we join together and support each other, or revert to our very base natures, and go into fear mode and do anything to survive or to keep our families, loved ones, selves alive ?? Steal, hurt, even kill. 

How reliant have we become on our mod cons and the things that we believe we are entitled to ? How prepared are we for emergencies, for when and if the shit hits the fan. 

Here's an exercise to do as an experiment. 

 Turn the power of 4 hours for one day and see how you fare. Do that once a month , then notice how grateful you are for what you have. 


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