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Self Worth, Guilt and Shame

So many Beings on this planet, in the 3D paradigm are carrying feelings of Guilt, Shame and Unworthiness.  It is projected onto us daily via our media, our society, our peers, the  "legal system" , religion .  We are told that we aren't good enough, aren't earning enough money, that our bodies should be different ( bigger breasts, penis, butt, muscles, taller, slimmer, smarter, wealthier  etc etc. ) Our parents unwittingly have expectations of us, which were imposed on them via their parents, society, cultural parameters etc and back it goes down the family lines. 

Get a high paying job, a good education, a nice house, a bigger house, keep up with the Jones's, so much pressure. 

The issue of self worth affects every aspect of our lives and can make us behave in certain ways to sabotage situations and amazing,  Beautiful relationships, both intimate and friendships to our detriment. It can also cause us to subconsciously enter into relationships with beings who do not serve our highest good or enter into destructive relationships which then reinforce our sense of Unworthiness , Undesirability or undeservedness . 

We have to relearn to be happy with who we are right now, this very moment. No -one else is better or less than you, we are all unique and deserve all the abundance, Love and gifts the Multiverse is waiting to shower us with. 

We all have stories that impact on who we are and how we present in this 3D paradigm. All of the repression around sex, intimacy, the feelings of guilt associated with something so natural and sacred, that have been handed down through generations . 

Nature doesn't tell a Rose flower it is unworthy or a butterfly that it isn't good enough. 

Some of us are lucky enough to be with a partner or have friends  who accepts us as we are for who we are as we are , without any expectation or projection of their own feelings of Unworthiness. 


What we arent taught is that we are ok as we are, that we deserve to have all the Love and Abundance the Multiverse has to offer us is we are open to receive it . 

Do what makes your Heart sing, give your Greatest Gift to the world, your Partner, your children, Your family, your friends . 

Know that you are Worthy, Worthwhile, a Spark of the Divine, here in Physical form for a brief Moment. Shine ! 


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