The Herbalist - - Dipaunka Macrides


Latin Name: Schisandra chinensis

The "aphrodisiac" qualities (for both men and women), especially when combined with Kidney tonifying herbs are quite remarkable.

'  Schisandra is one of the most important astringent herbs used in Traditional Chinese Medicine. This powerful astringent herb conserves fluids, and tends to contain sexual fluids until the appropriate time of release. Thus, consuming Schisandra for a period of time, one tends to build up sexual fluids. This is as important to women as it is men in the sexual act as it sets up the experience for great excitement. However, Schisandra is used in many sexual formulations for men to prevent premature ejaculation and to help promote endurance.

Schisandra has a tonic effect boosting energy while instilling a sense of calm.

Schisandra is an adaptogen, a herb which assists the body to adapt to stress and restore balance.   ' 

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