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About Dipaunka Macrides, Master Herbalist

About Dipaunka : Macrides, The Herbalist / aka Herbologist 

Having  been a vegetarian for all his adult life, Dipaunka believes that this is an important factor in his current state of good health, the reason for his  high energy levels, vitality and the fact that he is still alive today. 

He has been in clinical practice since 1982 when he first started doing massage. From there he began making his own massage oils.  After having completed a  massage course and an Aromatherapy course, he started  Rosewood Natural Skincare., which was originally called Riverbank Natural Therapies, it started with 1/2 a dozen products.

Initially he wanted to make his own massage oils as he wasn’t happy with what was available on the market at the time. He also wanted to be able to have control over what effect the massage oils he was using had and also to combine the aromas that he liked and resonated with . As well he wanted an aftershave that didn’t burn his face off when  applied , as at the time most aftershaves were alcohol based.  He didn’t have someone to teach or guide him but that was part of the fun of learning. He experimented, read lots, made mistakes !!! and learnt as he went. From there He started to sell a few products, began getting requests from friends and clients who were beauty therapists for other products .And so the range of products expanded, grew and a small business was born. 

Dipaunka spent years producing  and selling All Natural products many moons before it became hip and trendy. In the meantime he studied Herbal Medicine, Body work, Aromatherapy and Iridology. He has since gone on to teach many others about the wonderful world of herbs, healing and self empowerment . He can see no other way for us as a species to move forward into a happier, healthier future, but through the reconnection with Nature and the utilisation of plant medicines. Herbs are an integral part of his life. He works with them and utilises them for food and medicine on a daily basis .

Dipaunka's Background in and love of Herbs plus Aromatherapy have obviously been contributing factors in the  formulations he produces as well as having an over-actively creative mind . He live as a Herbalist, Aromatherapist, Alchemist in training, Teacher,Writer who loves to create and help other beings to heal. 

He seeks to empower people to facilitate their own healing via healthy eating, lifestyle and awareness of themselves and their bodies as well as through Herbal courses. These vehicles that we travel in need maintenance and care, we only get one to play with each life time and until we have mastered the art of complete regeneration of our physical bodies, we need to take good care of them. He sees his role as a facilitator who has knowledge and experience in healing which He can draw on too share with others.

Dipaunka loves to share knowledge, if one does not share knowledge, the knowledge dies with you when you pass on.  He has studied many things in this lifetime . He is a Sweat lodge Facilitator which are a wonderful adjunctive and complimentary healing tool to working with The Herbs /Plant Spirits. Dipaunka utilises Shamanic Practices and dives deeper into The Majikal world of Herbs and Healing on a daily basis .

Dipaunka  is more aware each day that we need to drop the ego, surrender, embrace and accept our shadows, and fill our hearts with LOVE. Love heals all and the power of Love (Pure Love , Not Romantic Love , which has been convoluted via our media and fairly tales) is what will change the world . When we are in the space of Love and acting from our heart centres then there is no blame, no hate, no fear.

About The Herbalist

  • Diploma of Iridology (Dunns Herbal College)
  • Diploma of Orthomythotics (Dunns Herbal College)
  • Post Graduate Certificate of Iridology (With Farida Sharan - Author of Herbs of Grace)
  • Post Graduate Certificate of Phytotherapy (With David Hoffman - Author of The Holistic Herbal )
  • Post Graduate Diploma of Medicinal Herbalism (With Dennis Stewart - Author of The Botanical Prescriber, Fellow of NHAA )
  • Certificate of Aromatherapy (with Elizabeth Jones of England)
  • Certificate 4 in Work Place Assessment
  • Member of A.T.M.S.
  • Member IICT 
  • Previously owned and was the resident Herbalist of The Alchemy Herbal Shop in Fremantle W.A .
  • Currently owner and Herbalist at The Herbalist Naturopathic Clinic .
  • I was the founder, Co-director, manager and manufacturer of the Rosewood Natural Skincare range operating since 1986. It was originally known as Riverbank Natural Therapies which started in 1982.
  • I have been successfully conducting private Herbal courses for 20 years and aromatherapy Courses for 10 years. I no longer run Aromatherapy Classes.
  • A member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society I have been attending Practitioner Seminars for 30 years , augmenting these with Meditation & spiritual ideologies for 34 years. I follow a mostly raw vegetarian/ vegan lifestyle.
  • Facilitator of Sweatlodges based on Traditional Ceremonies.
  • I have run private Herbal and Aromatherapy classes at T.A.F.E colleges in Perth.
  • For a number of years I gave talks on Aromatherapy and herbal medicine at North Lake Senior Campus for year 12 students as part of their health studies.
  • I have often been guest speaker at local herb society meetings around Perth and for other groups.
  • Former writer of the Herb Blurb Column in Nova Magazine .
  • Previous resident Herbalist for Herb Blurb radio show on 95.3 Radio 6 EBA fm.
  • Former Writer of Articles on Health for Witchcraft Magazine.
  • Former  Writer of Articles for New Vegetarian and Health
  • Former Writer of Articles on Herbs for Annym Magazine
  • Previous  lecturer in alternative therapies at the Australasian College of Natural Sciences in East Perth.
  • Previous  Lecturer at Emmanuel Catholic College in Bibra Lake
  • Previous  Lecturer in Iridology at The Australian Institute of Holistic Medicine in Jandakot.
  • Previous  Lecturer on Magical uses of Herbs at the Perth Academy of Natural Therapies.
  • Previous Lecturer in Herbal Medicine and Naturopathy at Challenger TAFE South Fremantle and Mt. Lawley TAFE.
  • Previous Lecturer in Herbal Medicine at The Australian Institute of Holistic Medicine in Jandakot.
  • Previous Lecturer in Herbal Medicine at Endeavour College in East Perth formerly know as Australian College of Natural Medicine.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are herbs safe ?


While herbs are natural, not all herbs are safe. Some herbs are not safe to take with certain prescription medications.  Some herbs can be contraindicated with certain disease states  eg- heart conditions. Also there are herbs not safe to ingest in pregnancy . 

Some herbs have certain chemistry which is not safe to ingest. If unsure check with your Herbalist, Naturopath or Healthcare practitioner . 

Q: How does Dipaunka work?


Dipaunka thinks of the person as a whole, not just a part or just a particular ailment or physical symptom. Dipaunka assists according to each person's individual needs, on their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. In doing so he can effectively assist in long lasting and permanent relief.  Please be aware that the Herbs work on the emotions also and may stimulate emotional release as part of the process. If this occurs, contacting Dipaunka for your best course of action is advisable.

Q: What does a Herbalist do?


A Traditional herbalist is someone who is well versed in herbal properties, the energetics of herbs, herb identification, the way herbs effect  body systems, different disease states and how to address them with herbs. Traditional Herbalists manufacture many different types of remedies, including tinctures, oils, skin creams, lotions, oxymels and a whole lot more!  Traditional  Herbalists employ different techniques to help them determine the best remedies for each individual persons health needs

Q: What do Herbal Courses Teach?


In a good Herbal Course you should  learn basic herbal properties, energetics of the herbs, herb identification, how herbs affect different body systems, different disease states and how to treat them.  Some herbalists may teach you how to manufacture different types of remedies for home use, including tinctures, oils, skin creams, lotions, oxymels and useful herbal mixtures. Herbalist courses should give you a greater understanding of your own physical and emotional state of being.  

Q: How can Herbs be used

Answer: Ways that Herbs can be used: Tablets, capsules , infusions, decoctions, tinctures, fluid extracts, syrups, juices (succus) glycertracts, oxymels,

Externally as: creams, ointments, infused oils , compresses, lotions, poultices, liniments , pastes, in baths, suppositories {vege glycerine, liquid – infusion, decoction, tincture  or fluid extract, and vege gelatine or agar agar) powders, herbal wines, herbal vinegars, edible herbal oils, jams, soups, broths, smoke, pillows, sachets, plasters , lozenges, snuffs. Pastes, Edible Pastes, Smudge sticks. 

Q: Whats the Difference between a Herbalist and a Herbologist


Nothing , Herbologist  is and American term for a Herbalist . 

Q: When is Dipaunka the Herbalist Available?


Consultations: Thursday - 10.30am to 5 pm and Saturday - 10.30am - 2.30 pm every 2nd week . 

Q: Who creates our Herbal Mixtures and Tonics?


Dipaunka utilises pure herbal medicines that are prepared by Himself with help from assistants on the premises from fresh or dried herbs. Organic herbs are used wherever possible.

There are also specially pre-prepared Herbal blends for a number of different ailments eg : Hayfever, Weight loss, Insomnia, Impotence, Female Hormonal. See the Herbal Mixtures page . Individual herbal tinctures can be purchased on the Herbal Tinctures page.