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Beginner Rural / Interstate Classes

I also offer an extended 10 day intensive Introductory courses for people who live in the country, in other States or Overseas. Classes can be run in the evenings or during the day dependant on the participants preference. I require a minimum of 10 participants to run the classes.

For country classes  

  •  1 class per day on a weekend every 2nd weekend for 8 weeks. 
  •  then a 4 week break .
  • Then 2 full days to complete the course . 
  • Total classes 10 .

For Interstate The course would run over 8 weeks:

  • 1 class per day/night for 2 days
  • A 1 day break, then
  •  classes each alternate day/ night over 5 days
  • Then a 4 week break 
  • Resuming with 1 class each alternate day/ night over 5 days
  • Then a 1 day break 
  • Then 2 full day classes
  • A total of 10 classes 

Beginner Rural / Interstate Classes Information:

Extended 10 Day intensive

Course Fee:

Course Fees for the 10 days:
AUS $600 For waged
AUS $500 For concession
A non Refundable Deposit of AUS $150 is required to secure your place.
Airfares and Accommodation will be additional to the course costs .


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