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Herbal Classes

My definition of a herb is " Any Plant or part of a plant that can be used as Medicine " 

Classes and workshops for all levels of experience. 

Deepen your knowledge and appreciation of herbs with practical knowledge and start using them in your daily life. I teach a holistic approach and treat the individual person as a whole.  Herbs do not have to be (and should not be) simply supplemental,  it's so easy to utilise them in so many different ways, to make them an integral part of our daily diet.  Majik is a component of Herbal medicine, this art has been lost over the years through fear and reliance on modern technology. 

In these classes we review some of these older technologies, like shamanism, alchemy, hedge herbalism. 

Some of the subjects covered in the courses are herbal properties, the energetics of the herbs, herb identification, body systems, different disease states and how to treat them. You will learn how to manufacture many different types of remedies for home use, including tinctures, oils, skin creams, lotions, oxymels and a whole lot more! These courses will give you a much greater understanding of your own physical and emotional state of being and start you on a journey of self-healing that will ultimately help you to heal others.  

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Herbal Products

This website is a resource for people interested working with herbs and for self-empowerment regarding their health. We manufacture 99.9 % of the Herbal Tinctures that I use in the Herbal Formula's listed on this site . This ensures quality and an awareness of each individual tincture and how it will perform.

It also means  we can infuse them with the specific energetics of the particular Herb and also with Universal Life-force. We use as many herbs as possible from the herbal garden for making the tinctures, either fresh or dried.  What can't or doesnt grow here,  we source from 3  Australian herb importers. We  get organic or wildcrafted herbs where possible. We also make a range of Flower Essences and Sound Essences from plants in the Majikal herb garden which are very effective in clearing emotional / spiritual blockages.

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Flower Essences, Herbal Actions , Herbal Mixtures
Herbal Tinctures, Smudge Sticks, Sound Essences

Aphrodisiac Herbs

Herbalist Services

I give advice on how to utilise herbs for people who want to try another way of dealing with their health issues {so email me if you have a health question}.  It is imperative in this moment, in our world that we claim back our right to heal ourselves as we see fit. That we claim back our sovereignty, that we as a community don't allow things like Codex Alimentarius ( do some research on this ) to dictate to us what we can and can't ingest as foods, supplements or medicine. That we speak up and not become or stay as Sheep.

Please see the disclaimer at the bottom of this page .


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We would like to inspire people out there to start growing more Herbs for medicine and food as well as their own Food.

Ecology and Health 

It's so important to be empowered in knowing where our food comes from, what's in it and what kind of processes it went through before it reaches our plate! In a time, where population and development has reached critical level, humans are starting to realise that resources - real resources like food and water - are much more important than money.

Grow as much of your own food as possible. Get a dehydrator and turn excess food into nutritious snacks for your self and your family. Get a freezer and freeze excess produce for consumption later on. Sell or trade the excess food for what you dont or cant grow. 

Nature has provided us with everything that we need. For every dis-ease or ailment, nature has a cure. Get seeds, plants, start seed banks; swap, trade or give plants and seeds away.

If you don't think you have enough room to grow food, check this out Window Gardens or A Garden in My Apartment 

or How We Can Eat Our Landscapes

or Growing Green in the South Bronx

Our home, Mother  Earth, now more than ever needs our help to Heal. If we don't act and start working in concert with the Earth, not against her, then she will treat us as a disease and get rid of us without hesitation or compunction. It is the height of  Hubris to think that the Earth needs us, She doesnt. As George Carlin once put it, The Earth doesnt care about us and will continue on quite happily , thank you very much if we were not here. So plant, propagate, educate, research, do everything you can to be in balance and harmony with Mother Earth. Just do it. Read, recycle, reuse, replenish, replant, permaculture your garden, get rid of your lawn. Eat from your garden, use herbs as food, improve your health. As we heal individually, so does the world heal collectively. The healing ripples out like a wave to family, friends, our communities and the world.

hugel Kultur Benefits or Hugel Kultur

Through Herbs and Plants we can Change the world. 

Herbalist DVD:

Check out The Herbalist's  DVD. On it I create 7 herbal recipes in my kitchen, with easy steps on how to prepare, create and use natural products that will benefit your well being and health.

Have a read of the articles I have written by clicking the articles button and if you want some herbal info have a look at the herbs in the herb gallery. Please feel free to email me if you have any good links that you would like to share or links to your own home page; I can put them in my links page.

I have written a Vegetarian/Vegan recipe book "Simply Delicious" with lots of great savoury dishes, dips, drinks and sweet recipes that I have come up with, collected or been given over the years. I have been a passionate vegetarian for many years, and my dedication to health and mindfulness about food in general means that these recipes are not only delicious but have many benefits too. Much appreciation to Kelli and Vibodha for their help with putting it all together. 


The World situation is growing increasingly more critical, we all need to recognise this and work both together - and individually - to turn it all around.  The old paradigm is untenable and we need a different M.O. 

We have the POWER, We can make a difference, We are the 99 % . The Power of ONE is Enormous eg: Buddha, Socrates, Lao Tse, Osho, Plato, David Suzuki, You, Me !!!

Freedom is The key word and I feel that now, more than ever we need to be aware of just how much of our rights and freedom of choice are subtly or not so subtly and insidiously being undermined. In this modern age of awareness and 'enlightenment' and communication , we are constantly bombarded by information and propaganda and it can be incredibly overwhelming. Get of social media, dont believe everything you read on Twitter, Facebook etc. 

The world's problems may seem insurmountable at times, and I think we all have moments of apprehension when we think about mankind's future. We have become so aware of what is happening around the world that we risk plunging into despair because of it!

We must Remember . . . This awareness is a gift. It should empower us to make valuable changes and healthier choices; to be more mindful in our daily lives. The change starts with You, Me, Us; in this moment, in each and every moment. We have to believe in a healthier, happier, peaceful world to be able to create it. 

Honouring The Earth

It is time to embrace the Feminine, to honour Gaia, our Mother Earth for all her gifts; to cultivate more Love and Forgiveness in our lives . We are all One, Brothers and Sisters, together we stand or together we fall. Opening up our hearts and remembering who we truly are is very much the path to follow.

Just another thought for those of you who want to live on the land but feel overwhelmed at the change or can't afford to get it started. (Getting out of the 'rat race' is difficult when you have a mortgage and bills to pay and believe you have to " earn" a living )  Get a group together, pool your resources and buy some land, buy land overseas. There are lots of places in the world where there is cheap land for sale. Buy it, preserve it, utilise it to grow medicines and food. 

What do you desire

Community is definitely one possibility of owning land and not having a mortgage. More than ever we need to work together, support each other and get off the grid and out of the system. The Amish people in America are doing this quite successfully. 10 People in one day can achieve a lot more than 1 person in 10 days.

Some enlightening info on vaccines  : Vaccines the ingredients

Disclaimer : At The Herbalist, we do not diagnose disease or illness. We can offer programs to assist in your health journey, after you have had advice from your doctor or specialist. Should you have unexplained symptoms, please speak to your doctor or specialist. We make no healing claims about any of the products offered on this website.