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Some words from clients and students...

Hey D , I 'm cured! Your potion fixed me almost immediately. No coughing at night time and no asthma attacks .. Yay! Thank you .

~ Angie Mcavoy

Hi Dipaunka A short letter to say a BIG THANKYOU for your advice in regard to the herbal HEP C mix you made and supplied to me. As you know, I contracted the HEP C, genotype 1, which is the more difficult type to get rid of, some 38 years ago. My latest liver function tests now show that I no longer have HEP C, your encouragement for me to keep taking the mix has paid off big time to get rid of a virus that has been an ongoing worry for so many years. The medical profession believe the HEP C resolved itself, I know that your herbal mix is the deserving medicine that killed the HEP C. Best Regards Bruce

~ Bruce Herbert

Hi Dipaunka, just a quick message to tell you several people commented on how calm I was when I returned to the Welshpool sweat shop. Nothing stressed me out for the rest of the day. I dont know what that yellow stuff was, but it works! cheers Caro

~ Caroline Lacy

I have been a client of Dipaunka's for nearly 6 years now. It is because of his knowledge and connection through his passion of the 'Herb World' that I am alive and well today. My circumstance was complex. My dis-ease surfaced 6 years ago when I began to put on weight, have joint pain, dizziness and after having some blood tests with my GP I was diagnosed as having Diabetes type 2. I was on both medication and tinctures and my symptoms were getting worse and not better. I sought counsel again with both the Herbalist and my GP. Both of which scratched their heads and this was when i was then diagnosed with type 1 Diabetes. After another year passed I had gained 40 kilos in weight, was completely miserable, suffering from chronic fatigue, restless legs, joint pain, rashes and blood sugar imbalances that put me in danger of coma. I was being told it was all in my head by my GP and they wanted me to try antidepressants. It came to my awareness one day that I may actually have Lyme Disease. I contacted my GP and had some blood tests. My results came back as being "FALSE POSITIVE" my doctor was unable to help due to current politics around Lyme. (irony around Ticks no coincidence!!) I again turned to Dipaunka and this became the turning point in my healing journey. after 2 weeks of taking his Anti Lyme Mix I had a herx reaction (a healing crisis which is commonly experienced when treating Lyme like illness) The rashes disappeared and even though the Herx was off putting, I continued to use Herbal Tinctures, it was the very thing that confirmed the herbs were working. The herbalist, my partner and I continued to work together tweeking and developing a protocol for me to follow. The multi pronged approach of Herbs - Diet - Mediative practice over 18 months CURED me of my Dis-Ease....! I am now SYMPTOM free and have been so for the last 18 months. I am back in my size 10 jeans, having naturally letting the weight drop. I have not taken any insulin or tinctures for Lyme for the last 18 months. I do not have any Borriellia markers in my blood tests. My family and I are indeed BLESSED to have Dipaunka The Herbalist in our lives. Thank for empowering me in my healing journey.

~ Cian McGregor

I found Dipaunka's herb course to be illuminating and insightful. His obvious knowledge and experience with herbs shines through in a informative and entertaining way. Although quite direct at times, Dipaunka's lessons on herbs are not limited to basic information one might expect from a formal college but have a breadth and depth that will challenge you to question your views towards sickness, how one could treat it and how it could be prevented. It has certainly opened my eyes and has has given me a new found appreciation of herbs. Dominique Tomlinson

~ Dominique

Thank you Dipaunka for your newsletter. I also give you a huge thank you for the herb liquids i have bought from you. I had a severe break in my tibia and fibula. I refused to take the clexane the hospital wanted to give me. Instead i took your immune boost and bone strength mixtures. Within 3 weeks of this break, with 9 pins in my leg, the physio was extremely surprised at how well i was recovering. She said that people who've had a less severe break than mine were not able to move their foot as well as me after 6 weeks. She said what ever I'm doing, keep it up. I told her it was all thanks to your mixtures and gave her your details as i have with many others. I don't think I'd be dancing twice a well if it weren't for your mixtures. So thank you.

~ Donna

HI there, I am just letting you know that I bought the Menopause Mix from you awhile ago and it is the only mixture among many that has worked for hot flashes during menopause. I am eternally grateful for all your effort and knowledge that you put into making all your herbal tinctures as well as this one. Kind regards, Very grateful user Eli Dove.

~ Elizabeth Dove

Dipaunka's classes are a joyful, collaborative celebration of thousands of years of herbal tradition, informed by the latest science. You will learn literally hundreds of ways you can improve your health. Plant kingdom, respect!

~ Emma Saurus

Hello Dipaunka, By the way I have been putting the bottle with the Flower Essence on my solar plexus to connect with the essence first. Wow just doing this is shifting things around. I felt my brain cells reorganizing, pretty wicked. Thought I let you know how good your essence is, bloody good I tell you!! Have a lovely day

~ Isabel

I have had a form of epilepsy since I was around 16 years old which made me have a seizure or two a year. They seemed to be linked to sleep, because if I got overtired, that's when it would happen. I was referred to a neurology clinic who basically told me they could prescribe epilepsy meds but to have a look at the side effects- the list was enormous and I decided against it. I hit a stressful time and found myself constantly overtired, knowing it would only get worse. I went to see Dipaunka and asked for his help. I've been taking a herbal mixture before bed each night for over 4 months now. I've come very close to having a seizure a couple of times, but now I'm able to take a dose, and the feeling goes away. I consider it to be a complete resolution and will continue taking the herbal mixture as an ongoing preventative. I feel completely liberated and in control of my own body; and I'm sleeping better than ever.

~ Jade

This is Jane, I just wanted to tell you - this herbal mixture is absolutely amazing. For my Pathogenesis test I got 91 !! I thought that was really good, but it wasn't out of 100. It was out of 94. Amazing hey !! It really makes my mind very clear and lets me concentrate and remember everything I need to. I love it. My mind feels really clear and alert and my memory is excellent. Thanks so much. Love and Light Jane

~ Jane

“Dipunkas’ teachings are empowering and inspiring Through his knowledge, wisdom and vast experience he empowers the individual to make better life choices More importantly to take back the power of ones healing through the gifts of herbs He is an inspiring uniquely gifted teacher in many ways With gratitude Janet”

~ Janet Tunjic

A journey into the intelligence of plants and our interactions with them. This 10 week course had butterflies of intrigue and anticipation in my stomach every week before class. The vast array of knowledge supplied is beyond monetary comprehension. Highly recommended to everybody, but an absolute must for those seeking answers and action on aiding in mankind & earths healing, starting with ones self. Great teaching methods which comes from many years of experience. Thanks Dipaunka. Peace and Blessings Josh

~ Josh Petrusma

I recently bought two mixtures from you, one for Giardia the other for Parasites, both have done so well for me, more than any other healing remedy I have tired over the past four years, I am elated...and told a woman of the goodness my purchase has gifted my being. She suffers badly with hay fever so asked if I could write to ask if you have a support mixture to help her, she laughed saying she has tried everything, I offered to buy her what you may have to offer, my faith being in what has happened for me over four days of using your healing mixtures. I look forward to learning if you are able to help her and will follow through on my word just for the joy in seeing her find trust in natural forms of goodness. I need you to know that I no longer need to stay close to home to use the toilet, I feel almost back to normal...I have a had a very good cry over the relief I have received. Thank you so very much, I am deeply grateful. Julie

~ Julie K

Hello, Im not sure if you remember me, but I took your herbology course at TAFE in 2003. I just wanted to say that even though its 10 years later, your class and influence has since created a massive and wonderful journey in my life. i moved back to South Australia, and became a Pharmacy assistant that specialised In natural Therapies. I have become a Bach Flower dispenser (as a hobby) and am a Reiki practitioner. Anyway. I just wanted to make contact and thank you for the journey you helped me find. Whether directly or indirectly your teachings have inspired me to be so passionate about Natural Therapies. I send you Many Happy Vibes your way. I wish you all the best for the future. I know you will continue to do wonderful things. and Im all for helping raise awareness of your brilliant work. Love and Light Kelly-Ann Burgess (formerly Hewett)

~ Kelly Ann- Burgess

The Herbal Tonic to help with PTS and nerves/ anxiety proved to work better than any medication I have taken for this in the past ! Thank you so much .

~ Lilian

Since taking the intro to herbs course: -I have changed to 80% organic fruit / veg -cut out all preservatives / unnatural additives - thrown away any remnants of unnatural beauty / care products - Harmonised my menstrual cycle through herbs - Know an effective herbal remedy for the (slight) period pain i still experience - Feel empowered to deal with any health issues that arise - Believe health issues are unlikely as i have neuked any nasty parasites and feel soooo much better. - Also am stepping away from relationships that no longer serve my higher self... Thankyou so much for the course, it has been transformational for me.

~ Love, Lizzy

I did both courses several years after I completed an advanced diploma of Naturopathy and Western Herbal Medicine with Kathleen Dunn. I had intended to use this as a refresher, but gained so much more than I could have imagined. Dipaunka is a very peaceful, very wise soul who shares his knowledge to the degree that you are able to absorb it. There is no limit. If you have found your way to him, or to his website, then I'd suggest you're not there by accident. When the student is ready, the teacher appears. Let him teach, so you in turn, can. Thanks D, I'm very grateful.

~ Lynda Jones

I had severe IBS associated with mammalian meat allergy from tick bites. I took your Lyme mix for a month and now all symptoms of IBS have gone. I still watch my diet which is virtually vegan but it was the mix that made the difference. Thank you so much.

~ Marg Smith-White

I couldn't have hoped for a better course than Dipaunka's Herb School. He is not only extremely knowledgeable, but also a very experienced and skilful teacher who spends time in the classroom with the stuff that really matters plus supports his students with copious handouts. I also loved the holistic nature of the learning and the feeling of community that developed with the other students. Dr Meg Howe, PhD, BVMS, BScVB

~ Meg Howe

I studied the herb course with Dr D or Dipaunka. What a experience and journey to really get inside the plant kingdom and commune with nature . Dipaunka has such a vast wealth of knowledgeable wisdom through experience not only the properties of herbs but growing them on his magnificently magical property. It's really a whole experience and I do recommend this sacred walk with our divine helpers our beautiful plants and Dipaunka aligned to my way of learning of being on the land with the plants talking with the plants and forming a relationship with the plants with the greatest respect . thank you Dipaunka

~ Melody

I completed Dipaunka's beginners course last year. I wasn't sure exactly what to expect and got so much more than I ever could have anticipated. The course is fun, informative and comes with plenty of written information. It contains a deeper, more spiritual approach but also a very practical element in which you will get to see how to make some herbal preparations. I was able to use the information immediately and have continued to expand on my knowledge since then. Dipaunka has a lovely style of teaching and is a joy to be around. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this course to anyone (and everyone!).

~ Nancy Davidson

"I looked at the possible side effects of anti malarial drugs, considered the length of time I would be in Malawi and Mozambique, and quickly looked for alternatives. Dr D's herbal Travel Mix saw me through a year long sojourn which included Bolivia, Romania, Malawi and the Solomon Islands, for what eventuated as the healthiest year of my life" Peter Keelan

~ Peter Keelan

Hi Dipaunka , I wish I had the awareness to thank you far all the work you went to in sharing with us and teaching your knowledge. For the price you charged, it was a really amazing deal for all we received from it. So thank you . I hope you enjoyed teaching us and that we honour the wisdom. Thank you . Pia

~ Pia Harwood

Btw its been years since we healed my cervix and all is well.

~ Rachel Moon (aka Pedder )

Rachel Pedder here, you treated me for cervical cancer stuff, just to jog your memory. Anyway, i am thrilled to say i've had yet another clear pap smear, so its about three years since i saw you, i think. Anyway, i feel fabulous. I'm probably half the size i was too, and eat well. I am happy to offer my email address to any women you are treating for similiar stuff, as i have had success. If that's something you wish to pass on. Many thanks Rachel Moon.

~ Rachel Pedder

I attended Dipaunka's beginners herbalist course and was impressed with the level of knowledge and the willingness of Dipaunka to share his knowledge with the students in the course. The course included course notes which have been a useful reference both during and after the course. Dipaunka referenced the metaphysical aspects of herbs and led students to gain this understanding themselves through completing a 'herb diet' journal for one herb for the length of the course. For me the course took me on a journey, each assignment built on the previous assignment and the last one coalesced the knowledge into a practical understanding of diagnosis and prescription The manufacturing weekend provided a taster of how to manufacture tonics, ointments and creams. I would recommend anyone who is interested in learning about herbs, either on a personal or professional level to attend Dipaunka"s herbalist course and for some to challenge themselves to a new understanding of the world.

~ Raine Quinn

My mum suffers with osteoarthritis and has had to replace a joint every 6 years (2 x knees and a shoulder) since 2006. In 2016 we were concerned for her foot in which it felt like the bones had started to crumble and were struggling to hold her body weight without causing a limp and tremendous pain. We thought eventually she might not be able to walk due to this. A scan was done in June 2014, showing severe degeneration of the 2nd and 3rd toe joints and mild to moderate at the 4th. Another scan was done in 2016 showing a loss of the fascia (connective tissue) in the left foot. In December 2017, mum started to take Dipaunka’s Bone and Muscle mix and after a few weeks of taking the tincture she felt relief, had no pain and was finding walking a lot easier. In June 2018, another scan was done on her left foot, where the radiographer was astounded that her foot showed normal range parameters. Proof that with regular consumption of this mix you can definitely strengthen bones and in some cases even regrow bone/joint/connective tissue. I believe we have slowed the progression of her arthritis and that hopefully she may not ever need a new joint or hip replacement and will continue to walk into her later years. I recommend this product for anyone who has bone, joint or muscle pain/issues and/or who suffers from Osteoarthritis etc. Thank you Dipaunka for your wonderful medicine. Yours sincerely Rena’e Duckworth

~ Renae Duckworth

Dipaunka is a brilliant teacher and we learned so much just in the one day workshop with him. Looking forward to more! Thanks!

~ Ricky B

Hello Dipaunka, Thank you very much for informative course. In the course you truly showed: Dedication and Devotion Inspiration and deep interest Passion Awe Understanding Novelty in your approach Knowledge and encouraged us to develop keen interest in the fascinating world of herbs Admiration for the power of the herbs; that was indeed inspiring and awesome Thanks a lot! Best Wishes

~ Rupinder

I wanted to wait a few days to give you a feedback on the Brain Tonic. I have taken it each morning for three days now. I must admit I was a little skeptical, but lo and behold this mycelium concoction is the freakin bomb. Great work Dipaunka, I feel a vague brain fog has lifted and my thinking, language and problem solving has improved remarkable. It seems to be revealing what is already there.

~ Scott Mitchell

At times, I seek herbs from Dipaunka. It is evident Dipaunka has made a life-long practice of working with plants and it is refreshing to find a local herbalist growing their own herbs. Infused in his medicine, you may find a quirky sense of humour weaved into an enigmatic backdrop of boyish-energy alongside fatherly-wisdom. I suggest Dipaunka's most endearing quality to be his intuition, which I trust. Simon Martin, Chiropractor

~ Simon Martin

Hello to all who love life, although my contact with Dipaunka has been limited, over the past 4 years I have enjoyed the good health benefits given to me from a couple of "magic mixtures" Tinctures I have gotten from him. Lots of LOVE & LIGHT to you my brother from another mother. Warm Regards Spike Warner (Central Wheatbelt WA).

~ Spike Warner

I completed Dipaunka’s beginners course in 2012. If I had known what I signed up for, I would have done it years ago! This course has been beginning of an amazing journey and has opened my eyes in so many levels. Even though I have always been quite health conscious person, I now live the life that I can truly say is actually health conscious. I have become a raw foodist and making my own everything (medicine, cosmetics, household cleaning products etc.), being able to see behind what “commercial world” wants us to see. This course was not only a great way to learn about herbs, but also opens up one’s mind in so many different level and makes you dig deeper every day. Thank you for that. Cheers, Triin-Liis

~ Triin - Liis Harma

Thanking you from the bottom of my heart, to have such an inspirational lecturer (mentor). I know I have found a path I will be on for the rest of my life.Thank you for lectures with a handful of passion and thank you for seeing things on such a different level (and allowing me to see things on a different level). You have opened my eyes ( all 3 ) Inspired my life. Blessings

~ Zoe- Nicole Baldwin