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Sound Essences

From the songs of plants

These are a new healing tool for the Clinc, using the songs of the plants in the medium of distilled water (with ethanol or brandy to preserve them).

They bring all the healing aspects of the plants, both the medicinal and flower essence qualities and more which is yet to be discovered. 

The plants will be teaching me as we go along on this amazing journey. 

I am ever grateful to these amazing teachers for all that they give and all they have and are showing me.

See the-music-of-the-trees and The Secret Life of Plants

These essences are similar to flower essences in their format, they however differ in as much as they are infused with the sound vibration from the plant itself via the medium of technology. 

I am are making them by playing the song of the plant through a device made in Italy and placing a bottle of distilled water surrounded by speakers to infuse the water with the sound vibration of the song of each individual plant.

My learning with the Sound Essences is a work in progress and new essences will be added over time. I will also be recording the songs of the plants which will be available to listen to online.

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Sound Essences - 25ml

Sound Essences - 25ml

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The Sound Essences:

Bay Leaf / Lauris nobilis

Properties: Helps to keep your aura clean and protected. Aids with digesting what life dishes up for you. Assists with keeping safe boundaries . Also ensures that your relationship will be strong

Datura / Datura metel

Properties: For tuning into Nature spirits and Angelic realms for guidance, clarity of thought and sharpness of mind . For helping those who are near death to pass over with out fear and to allow them to release their connection to the material world and move into the Light . NB : All parts of the Datura plant are highly poisonous and dangerous to ingest . It is not recommended nor is it the intention of this site or the owner of this clinic to recommend the use of the Datura plant. See Datura Toxicity in Wikipedia. This remedy is purely a vibrational remedy in which there are no active constituents of any kind and it is therefore safe to ingest, in the recommended way.

Elder Tree / Sambucus nigra

Properties: Deepens ones sense of self beauty and helps radiate the inner beauty that is within and youthful joy. It helps preserve self image during times of transformation. Useful for anyone doing deep inner healing and Soul Clearing

White Sage / Salvia apiana

Properties: For clearing and cleansing the Aura, for surrendering to the Divine. It cleanses the DNA of inhereted disease states or virues like Herpes simplex , negative energies, old family patterns and past life patterns . It also allows us to get a real sense of the true nature of the plant , to see the spirit of the plant