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Herbs for Common Ailments

Click below for a list of Herbs useful for different ailments:

If you click on the Ailment on the left you will be taken to a page of Herbs for the specific Ailment. Click on the Photograph or Common Name of the herb you will be taken to another page with a bigger picture & information on the herb. 

The info for majikal properties comes from Scott cunninghams " Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs " and my own knowledge & experience. 

These herbs can also be found in the Herbal Gallery, which lists all the Herbs. 

 All other information on the herbs comes from my own knowledge & experience and the following resources :, The Holistic Herbal - David Hoffman, The Encyclopedia of Medicinal Plants - Andrew Chevallier, Potters New Cyclopedia of Botanical Drugs & Preparations, The Yoga of Herbs- David Frawley and Vasant Lad, The constiuents of Medicinal Plants - Andrew Pengelly, The Energetics of Western Herbs - Peter Holmes, Nutritional Herbology - Mark Pedersen.

You can also find useful information in our Articles and What's New sections.