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Aphrodisiac Herbal Tips

Sexual Health is an important and vital part of our experience in the Physical world . Maintaining a health mind, body, spirit is vital however the stresses of Life in the 21st Century can have an impact on our hormone Levels , Libido and sexual functionality. 

The Herbs, remedies and products on this site are all aids or adjuncts that will help restore vitality, increase libido,increase Testosterone levels and enhance your intimate life with your Beloved if you are in a relationship or in general if you are single and just casual dating. 

I also believe prevention is better than cure so if you are Female  or Male , taking herbs can prevent problems with The Prostate and reduce or alleviate the symptoms of Menopause .

Anti Impotence

If you are having issues with impotence or poor Erection these herbs will be of assistance

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Aphrodisiac Herbs

These Herbs are Aphrodisiacs from many different Cultural Traditions . Aphrodisiacs can work in two ways, either by working on the mind to create sexual desire or by affecting certain parts of the body to stimulate sexual desire or both. 

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Circulatory Stimulants

These herbs will help increase Blood Flow which is need for good erectile function and can increase blood flow to the clitoris

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Erectile Dysfunction / Strong Erection

Having issues with Erectile Dysfunction, these herbs will be of assistance:

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For Premature Ejaculation

Having issues with P. E try these herbs

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For Prostatitis

Herbs to assist with Prostatitis and enlarged Prostate

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For Stamina

Increase your stamina in the Bedroom

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For Vitality

Increase your overall vitality , these are for women and men

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Increase Libido for Women

These herbs are useful for Women who have low Libido's and wish to increase it

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Kidney Yang Tonics

These herbs Increase Kidney Yang Essence which is needed for Strong Sexual Essence

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Sexual Tonics

Herbs that are tonics for the the reproductive system in both genders

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To Increase Testosterone

These herbs increase Testosterone for men but can be used by women in small doses

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