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These are Herbal / Flower Essences that I have created from my herb garden. They work the same way that Bach or other flower essences work. They are available in 25 ml ready to use remedy bottles. Cost $15 bottle or 2 Bottles for $28. Information for the properties of the essences is from my own intuitive connection with the plant spirits and from the Book "The Healing Spirit of Plants" by Clare G Harvey and Amanda Cochrane. Flower remedies are not new, there has been an ancient tradition of flower essences being used throughout the world by the Australian Aboriginals, the Egyptians, in India, Asia, South America and Europe. Hildegard von Bingen (12th century) and Paracelsus (15th century) both wrote about the use of flowering plants to treat health imbalances.

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Herbal Flower Essence Properties:


Basil / Occimum basilicum

For Tantra, to harmonise spirituality and sexuality. It eliminates conflict between sexuality and spirituality and integrates spiritual bliss with physical pleasure.
Broad Bean Flower

Broad Bean Flower / Vicia faba

This flower Essence encourages Love in those that are too hurt or proud to openly express and receive Love. The humble and unconditionally generous Broad Bean inspires us to remember that Love is Infinite and Abundant. Wonderfully supportive for the individual or a beautiful ritual for couples to share.

Calendula / Calendula officinalis

Dissolves rigidity and materialism. Increases compassion, receptivity and mellowness. It enhances sensitivity and compassion in communication with others.
Californian Poppy

Californian Poppy / Eschscholzia californica

For people who find it hard to get motivated and implement or accept change in their lives. For people who procrastinate and are resistant to change out of fear or laziness. For those who need a boost to help them move on in their lives from old situations – relationships, jobs etc. For those who seek spiritual 'highs' from outside themselves through escapism, addiction, charismatic teachers and occult practices, California Poppy helps one find their spirituality within, awakening their own inner light to live and be guided by.
Chaste Berry Flower

Chaste Berry Flower / Vitex Agus Castus

For Connecting to the feminine, For strengthening Feminine Power and to assist transition from Maiden to Mother to Crone.
Clary Sage Flower

Clary Sage Flower / Salvia sclarea

Lifts mood, dispels depression, gives clarity of vision for the future.

Datura / Datura spp.

For tuning into Nature spirits and Angelic realms for guidance, clarity of thought and sharpness of mind .
Elder Flower

Elder Flower / Sambucus nigra

Instills a sense of beauty and helps radiate the inner beauty that is within and youthful joy. It helps preserve self image during times of transformation .

Gingko / Gingko biloba

Resilience, endurance, enlivening the whole being. Gives determination to survive. Clears old Family patterns, old stories and past lives .

Hibiscus / Hibiscus sinensis

Increases Bhakti or devotion to the Universal life force.

Jasmine / Jasminum officinalis

This essence will increase Yin energy and brings a deep aura of femininity to the user. It cleanses the Uterus so is good to use after leaving an intimate relationship that no longer serves. It will also combine well with Pink Frangipani Flower essence to heal and cleanse the 2nd chakra , for those who have suffered sexual trauma in any form. It boosts sexual self esteem in Women and will increase Sexual desire . Combined with Rose Flower essence to transmute physical Love into Spiritual Love and move the sexual energy from the 2nd chakra to the Heart Centre.

Lavender / Lavendula angustifolia

Soothing and calming for nervous over sensitive people. It cleanses the meridians , activates the crown chakra , which aids fuller connection with the higher self.
Mexican Bush Sage

Mexican Bush Sage / Salvia leucantha

For attaining your higher purpose. To put you in touch with your spiritual path. Opens the crown chakra.

Mint / Mentha arvensis

For inspiration, clear insight, intuition and prophetic dreams. It aids in spiritual trials and tribulations when one feels overwhelmed and full of despair. It brings calmness and a readiness to embrace new beginnings .

Moonflower / Impomea alba

For opening up and connecting to the Divine Feminine . For those who are stuck , hard or rigid in their personalities, and psyche to help soften them. To shine the light of the Moon and Stars in the places of our psyche that are dark and hidden. To bring the unseen and hidden to the surface of our awareness. For those who hold on tightly to their old patterns, relationships or stories.
Pink Frangipani

Pink Frangipani / Plumeria rubra

To heal and cleanse the 2nd chakra , for those who have suffered sexual trauma in any form .

Rose / Rosa gallica

For opening up the Heart chakra and going deeper into the heart space . To cleanse the heart of old emotional issues and sadness .

Rosemary / Rosemarinus officinalis

For fidelity and to remember your true path. It develops clarity, sensitivity, warmth , vibrancy and inner peace. It is for those who are forgetful, disoriented and absentminded because their spirit feels insecure .
S.t Mary's Thistle Flower

S.t Mary's Thistle Flower / Silybum marianum

To clear away old deep seated anger issues. To soften us when we are feeling prickly and wont allow others in . For when we are very defensive and hurt. For those who put up barriers and keep people at a distance so that they wont get hurt. For when we are very barbed in our speech out of anger.

Sunflower / Heliantus annus

For depression, it brings the radiance and joy of the sun. Helps to release limitations, brings lightness and warmth to the soul. It harmonizes the active masculine aspect of energy in both men and women , resolves conflict with father figure and dissolves tensions from the past. It helps us become aware of who we are and brings an understanding of the correct role of ego.
White Sage Flower

White Sage Flower / Salvia apiana

To cleanse the DNA of disease states, negative energies, old family patterns and past life patterns .
White Sage Leaf

White Sage Leaf / Salvia apiana

For clearing and cleansing the Aura, for surrendering to the Divine.

Wormwood / Artemisia absinthium

Psychic energiser, cleansing and purifying the aura . Getting rid of psychic parasites. It balances those susceptible to over emotional and irrational behaviour . It gives insight into dreams to bring a deeper understanding of life. It can help with lucid dreaming.

Yarrow / Achillea millefolium

Revitalises and repairs the aura. It brings protection from energetic envoironmental hazards like electromagnetic radiation .