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Agua da Ruda Plus

Agua Da Ruda Plus Spray, clearing, shamanic Ingredients :

Rue- Ruta graevolens : Clears negative energies and energetic parasites 

White sage leaf - Salvia apiana : Cleanses space and clears negative energies as well as old stories.

Wormwood - Artemisia absinthium : Clears away energetic parasites.

These Herbs  are extracted in a base of perfume grade methanol and distilled water.

We have also added White sage Hydrosol [ floral water which comes off when the essential oil is being extratced } this is from White sage grown here on the Herbal farm . This spray is used to clear the energy in homes, around people, in cars or around objects . 

All the herbs used in this mixture are organically grown .   
This product is available from our online shop 

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