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How many women get caught up in the Beauty myth and are guided by the latest Cleo , Dolly etc that dictates how you should look, how much you should weigh , how to get rid of your cellulite . A little secret , they airbrush the models pictures and use computer imaging to whisk away those tell tale dimples . Cellulite is a condition which is a build up of toxins, fat and fluid in the cells which mostly { damn it you say } women suffer from . Some men do get it though if that’s any consolation . The good news is that there are herbs which can help the body get rid of it , green tea being one of them as well as Bladderwrack { kelp } one of the herbs below . In Japan particularly , not many women are bothered by this condition as they partake of green tea and lots of different types of sea greens { is Kelp } There are other herbs which will help with cellulite . Check my Cellulite mix for details

The 3 herbs we are looking at are Black walnut leaf , Bladderwrack and Blessed / Holy thistle .

Black Walnut Leaf - Juglans Nigra/regia-The walnut tree is a bountiful gift from nature that we have been blessed with . All parts of the fruit are useful as is the wood for furniture , the bark and obviously the leaves .

Parts used: The leaves
Properties : Astringent, anti-inflammatory, alterative , antiseptic, laxative, tonic , weak hypoglycaemic.
Uses : Gypsies used to stain their skin with a brown dye made from the leaves .The leaves also make a good insect spray as insects don’t like the bitterness and wont eat the leaves . Internally an infusion or tincture can be used for herpes , eczema , and other skin conditions. A wash can be used externally for these conditions as well as for dandruff , gout , rheumatism, scrofula and ulcers . If your digestion needs a little lift then a tea of the leaves will act as a tonic for the stomach as well as promoting your appetite . This is because of the bitter principles which also help get rid of worms and parasites .

Bladder wrack - Fucus vesiculosus
Anyone who has an underactive thyroid would know about what iodine does to their thyroid gland . The thyroid apart from other functions is responsible for regulating our metabolism. As I mentioned before about
cellulite , if our metabolism is working well our bodies will burn up fatty tissue faster and metabolise waste products more readily . Kelp assists in this by stimulating the thyroid .
Parts Used : The whole plant
Properties :Anti -hypothyroid, anti obesic , anti rheumatic, nutritive
Uses : It is extremely helpful for underactive thyroid and goitre. It helps get rid of cellulite if taken internally and /or applied externally as an oil infusion. For rheumatism a decoction can be applied externally . Bladderwrack as with other seaweeds can be dried and burnt as fuel , an alternative to wood . Several studies have shown it to have antibiotic properties . If there is excess weight due to improper thyroid function , then taking Bladderwrack through it’s effect on the thyroid will help with weight loss . If you need some free mulch for your garden , then collect Bladderwrack and other seaweeds after storms .
Majik and folklore : Folk and common names used are : Blacktang, Bladder fucus , Cutweed , Kelp , Kelpware , Sea Spirit, Sea wrack , See tang . It’s gender is Feminine , Element is water , and ruled by the Moon. It’s powers are money, protection, psychic powers , sea and wind spells.
Majikal Uses . If you are journeying on or over the sea, carry some to ensure safe travels . To summon sea spirits, throw some bladderwrack onto the waves and call them . An infusion used to scrub the doors and floors of your business will attract customers . Add some essential oils like Cedarwood or Cinnamon to cover the seaweed smell . It can be used in sachets to increase psychic powers .

Blessed Thistle - Cnicus benedictus Most people can use some help with their digestion ,and since good digestion is necessary for good health , this herb { as will many others } be helpful . Holy Thistle as it was called was though to cure the plague in the Middle ages . It was also considered to be a cure all ,a reputation which many herbs have been given .
Parts used : Dried aerial parts and seeds .
Properties : Astringent, antibacterial , anti haemorrhagic, antiseptic , bitter, diaphoretic, expectorant, emetic { in large doses } tonic , vulnerary
Uses : Used internally it will help with conditions like dyspepsia , intestinal catarrh and will stimulate the appetite of anyone suffering with anorexia . The flower tops were used to treat worms . Blessed Thistle infused in wine makes a good aperitif . The young leaves can be eaten in salad or used as a steaming vegetable . It’s bitter principles help stimulate the secretions of the stomach , gallbladder and intestines . It can be used externally for healing wounds and sores . If you have colic or are breastfeeding and your baby has colic , this herb along with others like fennel , aniseed , basil will be helpful . Again there is research to show that Blessed thistle has antibiotic properties due to a compound called Cnicin . This combined with it’s expectorant properties would make it helpful for chest infections, colds and flu’s .

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