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Calea - Calea zacatechichi:

Organic dried leaf 10 gms AUS $6

Calea zacatechichi, also known as Dream Herb, Cheech, and Bitter Grass, is a plant used by the indigenous Chontal of the Mexican state of Oaxaca for oneiromancy (a form of divination based on dreams.) The plant naturally occurs from southern Mexico to northern Costa Rica. It has been scientifically demonstrated that extracts of this plant increase reaction times and the frequency and/or recollection of dreams[1] versus placebo and diazepam. It is also employed by the Chontal people as a medicinal herb against gastrointestinal disorders, and is used as an appetizer, cathartic, anti-dysentery remedy, and as a fever-reducing agent.

Hemia - Hemia salicifolia:

Organic dried leaf 10 gms AUS $8

Sinicuichi (Heimia), also known as sun opener , or abridor de sol , is a genus of two or three closely related species of shrubs in the family Lythraceae, native to the Americas, from northern Argentina north to the southernmost United States (southern Texas). The leaves are 2–5 cm long and 1 cm broad, entire, and variably arranged alternate, opposite or whorled on the stems. All species produce five-petaled yellow flowers. The plants have a history of medicinal use in a variety of American cultures. Several pharmacologically active alkaloids have been detected in the plants.

Lions Tail Flowers ( Orange or White ) - Leonitis leonorus:

Organic dried flowers 5gms AUS $10

Traditional uses
Most species of Leonotis have some traditional use as smoking herbs. The herb and flowers are dried and either used as a smoking herb, or extracted to make a resin which can be smoked. The effects are somewhat comparable to mild cannabis smoke. In its native high temperature / low humidity environment of Africa it produces a considerable amount of resin which deposits on the leaf surface and can be scraped off. This is not the case in cooler climates and extractions are necessary to produce a strong smoking material. Recently dried flowers have proved to be highly active. To improve the smoking quality it is desirable to harvest after the bees have removed the nectar.

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