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Post Festive

So the festive season is over and you’ve put on a few extra kilos , many new years resolutions about going to the gym , trimming up , getting fit and looking good for summer . You would hope that you may come across some great weight loss recipes or the instant look good feel great pill . Hmmmm , unfortunately not this time but I do have 2 great recipes to share which are very delicious and worth the effort. Both are herbal although some of you may question one of them .

Angelica - Angelica Archangelica:
Angelica is a member of the Umbelliferae family which includes herbs like Aniseed ,celery, chervil ,cummin. dill , fennel, gotu kola ,lovage , parsley . Angelica wild and in abundance in England but seems to be a bit more temperamental here as I found out in my attempts to grow it !!

The candied stalks are used for confectionary and I have a great recipe courtesy of a former student for a very sweet but delightful Angelica Liqueur ...This herb is an example of what I call multi-purpose Herbs .

Properties: Appetizer , aromatic, carminative, expectorant, diaphoretic, stimulant , stomachic, tonic.
Uses : This herb is a perfect example of how wonderful Nature is. When we are forming in the embryonic stage our lungs and digestive systems are formed from the same tissue and are connected by nerves once we are fully formed . So anything
affecting the digestive system adversely will impact on the respiratory system and vice versa . Here we have a herb that helps both systems.

Ok , so it is used for all sorts of digestive disorders like , colic , stomach cramps , ulcers , vomiting , lack of appetite ,anorexia as well as indigestion. For the lungs it is used for clearing mucus , catarrh , colds and coughs . It has a warming effect on the lungs as well so it is used in what the Chinese would call " cold damp" conditions . It has been used for
bronchitis and emphysema . Some Herbals recommend it for poor circulation and improving blood flow , but in small doses as large doses can have an untoward effect on blood pressure and Heart action.
Contra-indications .. Not to be taken during Pregnancy !
Magic and Folklore : The folk names used are , Archangel ,Masterwort . It's gender is Masculine , Element is Fire and it is ruled by the Sun . It's deity is Venus . Angelica's powers are Exorcism , healing , protection, visions .
Magical Uses : Used in the bath to remove curses, hexes , or spells against you . Planted in the garden for protection . Burn as an incense for healing spells and the leaves if smoked are
said to bring Visions { Used only for Ritual and vision Quests }

Angelica Liquor
1 teaspoon of fennel seeds } crushed
1 teaspoon of aniseed } crushed
20 coriander seeds } bruised
2 - 3 cloves } bruised
2 tablespoons of crystalized Angelica stalks
225 gms { 8 oz} caster sugar
1 bottle of vodka

Put all the seed & Angelica in a large jar with a sealed lid , add sugar & vodka , then seal the jar . Place on a window ledge facing the sun for 2 - 4 weeks . Swirling daily to combined the ingredients . After the soaking period strain { strain about 4 - 5 times } through muslin cloth into a sterilized bottle . Let stand for 3 months . Drink after a large meal in very tiny glasses .

Rose - Rosa Gallica , Damascena , Moscha
Roses among my favorite flowers and essential oils. People love receiving roses and they are considered the flowers of Love. Unfortunately commercial roses are grown in such a way that they lose their wonderful perfume . I was fortunate to be given a large bucket and bag of “ Mr Lincoln “ roses by another student from the A.I.H.M . College in Jandakot . They went straight into a tincture which is absolutely exquisite as some of my patients can attest too .
Roses have fallen out of use medicinally which is unfortunate as they have very valuable properties as you will see . They originally came from Iran and have spread throughout the world . In ancient Rome they were used in festivities and consumed as food . Rosewater was used in Arabic countries for flavoring and is still used today . In the middle ages roses were used as a remedy for depression .
Parts Used : The flower , essential oils
Properties : Aperient , aphrodisiac , astringent, carminative , heart tonic , nervine , refrigerant , stomachic .
Uses : For women who are suffering from depression or menstrual problems this is a great tonic . It nourishes the blood and works on the nervous system gently reviving it . It also is an extremely yin tonic and so is balancing for women who have lost their sense of femininity because of the way our world is and the unrealistic demands that are placed on them . It ha a cooling effect on the system so is good as a refreshing summer drink .
Rose petals can be used to reduce high cholesterol levels and also for any inflammatory skin conditions . Rosewater can be used externally as a skin toner and in eye gels or lotions for sore eyes . As an aphrodisiac is especially good for women in combination with jasmine .
Majik and folklore: It has no folk or common names . It’s gender { obviously } is feminine , it is ruled by Venus and it’s element is water . Some of the deities associated with Rose are Eros, Isis , Cupid , Demeter , Adonis . The powers of Rose are healing , luck ,love , protection {thorns } psychic powers .
Majikal Uses: Not unexpectedly used in love spells or worn when doing love charms or spells . Just careful what you ask for and that it is not is against someones will. Add the petals to a love bath , especially before a marriage or a hand fasting . To have prophetic dreams drink some Rosebud tea before bed . Roses in the garden attract fairies . Use a mix of Rosehips and rosepetals in healing spells . To calm a stressful household , sprinkle the petals around or burn rose incense

Here is a simple recipe for a very delectable Rose petal Jam .

Rose Petal Jam
20 pesticide free dark red Roses - 100 gms of rose petals .
3 cups of filtered water
1 ½ cups of sugar
1 Tablespoon of lemon juice
1 ½ tablespoons of jam setter {pectin }

Method Trim the white and yellow section from the petals . Combined the petals and the H2o in a large stainless steel saucepan . Bring to the boil and simmer covered for 30 mins . Strain the liquid off and combine the liquid , sugar , juice , pectin in a pan . Stir over heat with out boiling , uncovered without stirring for 10 mins or until the jam jells . Stir in the petals , pour into sterilized jars and seal when cooled. You can add vanilla essence if you wish to add to the taste.

Ok hope this has all been helpful and that I have slaked your thirst to learn more about Herbs.

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