The Herbalist - - Dipaunka Macrides

Sound Healing Sessions

Sound Healing is a way of Healing the body, physically , emotionally and spiritually via the medium of sound. Everything is Vibration and our bodies being 80% water respond to sound vibration.

The tools I use are, Crystal and metal singing bowls, chakra chimes, Gong, Hoop Drum, Sansula, Shruti and Toning.

Before we begin a session you are smudged. This involves the use of a Hoop drum, Palo Santo ( Sacred Wood), Agua da Florida, Bells, Feather Fan and essential oils.

The session usually lasts 1 - 1.5 hours and the contribution for the session is $80.

This is a time out for you to sink deeply into relaxation and allow yourself to find the still point inbetween the sounds.

Ph . 0412 180 796 to book a session.

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