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Here I am dealing with a delicate subject for some people but one that needs to be addressed as it is a common one , from small children through to adults . This Fungal infection has several names depending on it’s location in the body .
Candida in the Gut , Oral Thrush in the mouth { obviously ] or Thrush if in the Vagina / Genitals { or that girlie disease as it is sometimes referred to }
Candida Albicans is found in our bowel but can get out of hand if we ingest too much yeast and/or sugar .Overuse of antibiotics can also destroy our friendly bowel Flora and lead to Candida or Thrush .Also excessive estrogen from some contraceptive pills or patches and or for some women around their period time can result in thrush . Certain things need to be avoided if you are prone to thrush or candida ---- Sugars {eg sweets , biscuits, chocolate etc } Yeast { cakes , breads } Beer { yeast , sugar } wine or any alcohol that has ben made with sugar .Some people also recommend no mushrooms or fruits but I don’t feel that it is necessary to avoid these things .But to be on the safe side ingest them in moderation if you have any of these conditions .Also Stress as with most things will excacerbate or increase your susceptibility .
What to Do ?? The diet part obviously is important , taking acidophilus/bidophilus either in capsules or yoghurt , take garlic and reduce your stress . There are several herbs that you can take that are helpful like Thyme , Echinacea , Calendula , Rosemary , Thuja , but the 2 we will be looking at are Myrrh and Pau D’Arco .

Myrrh – Commiphora molmol
Most people will know of myrrh from the biblical story of the birth of Jesus . It is one of the oldest know medicines and has ben used medicinally and ceremonially since ancient Egyptian times . It was used for perfumes , incense , ungents and embalming . Myrry was highly prised and used in trade . The name is derived from the old Hebrew and Arabic word Mur which means bitter { and it is !!!!!}
Parts used Gum resin
Properties : Antiseptic, anti-microbial, astringent, anti-catarhal, carminative, diaphoretic , expectorant, stimulant, vulnerary.
Uses : As an antimicrobial it kills bacteria, fungi, and viruses and also stimulates the production of whit blood corpuscles . It is great fro candida or thrush , staph or strep infections , external ulcers . You can use it as a mouth wash or gargle for mouth ulcers , gingivitis , pyorrhoea and sore throats . If you have a boils or any septic sores, wounds or abrasions myrrh tincture in water or powder applied directly will get rid of them .
In Ayurvedic medicine it is used as a tonic blood cleanser, aphrodisiac and for irregular or painful periods . For thrush you take the tincture internally and use it diluted in water as a wash .
Majik and folklore .
It’s folknames are Gum myrrh tree, Karan , Mirra Balsom, Oedendron . It’s gender is Feminine and is ruled by the Moon . The element is water and the deities associated with Myrrh are Adonis , Isis , Ra . Not suprisingly the powers of Myrrh ar Exorcism , healing , protection , spirituality .
Majikal uses :
To cleanse your home or a room , create a sense of peace and lift the energy , burn Myrrh on a charcoal block . It can be burnt alone or usea with Frankincense, Sandalwood , Copal , or other gums and powders . Like Dragons Blood it increases the power of other incenses or spells that you are using .
It is used to bless , consecrate or purify objects and is used for healing work . Like Frankincense it aids meditation .

Pau D’Arco -- Tabeuia heptaphylla
In spanish it is know as Lapacho , Pau D’arco is it’s portugese
by which it is commonly known , as well as Taheebo . So you need to know what you are asking for . The tree from which the bark comes grows in Peru, Argentina and grows up to 100 feet tall . For centuries in South america it has been valued as a cure all by the Incas , Callawaya and other native peoples .
Parts used : Dried inner bark .
Properties : Antibiotic , antifungal, anti-inflammatory , anti- tumour,blood cleanser, anti diabetic, immuno- stimulant, tonic .
Uses :
This is one of those herbs that should be put in the water supply!!!!!
It is given to treat conditions like ME, Ross river virus , Chronic fatigue, HIV and Leukemia . I use it for all of the above conditions as well as other forms of cancer . Research has shown it ot be effective in treating diabetes and lowering blood pressure . It has natural antibiotic properties so can be used to treat viral infections , other infections as well as infected cuts and wounds .For thrush it can be used as a wash and taken internally as a tea or tincture which also helps with Candida treatment .
I use it for anyone who has skin conditions like eczema, dermatitis , psoriasis or needs blood cleansing . It is great when combined with appropriate other herbs for treating teenage Acne .
For anyone who has ringworm , tinea or warts Lapacho can be used again as a wash and taken internally - both as tea or tincture . If your immune system is low then taking Pau D’arco with other herbs like Astragalus, andrographis , attractylodes , ginseng, schisandra , withania, wolfberry, will help get you back on track .
Majikal uses : Since this herb has only just become popular in western herbal medicine it does not have a history of use in Majik . Even so given it’s powerul healing properties I would use it in healing spells , for cleansing , purifying and exorcisms . It would combine well with Sandalwood.

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