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Money is an interesting concept which needs to be looked at and addressed. Money is in use at this point in our time line, no getting away from it . As Osho said , why blame poor money . Money is not the root of all evil, The Love of Money is . Even though money these days ( since 1933 in the US and around the same time in Australia ) has no real value IE: backing by Gold or Silver .

Originally you could redeem your notes for their value in gold or silver at the treasury.

“Now it so happened that in 1931-1932 the sovereign was in law and in fact, both in England and Australia, the principal coin, the unit of value, and the principal money of account. The Gold Standard Act 1925 (15 & 16 Geo. V.c.29) was not suspended in England until September 1931 (21 & 22 Geo. V. c. 46). In Australia the provision in the Act 1920 No. 43, sec. 60, that Australian notes should bear the promise of the Treasurer to redeem the same in gold coin was not repealed until May 1932, by the Act 1932 No. 16, though, by the Act 1929 No. 31, any person might, upon certain conditions being fulfilled, be required to exchange for its equivalent in Australian notes any gold coin or bullion held by him, and power was taken to prohibit the export of gold. The former power was, I understand, at times exercised, but the latter power was never exercised. But gold and in fact practically gone out of circulation, and, quoted in terms of money of account, was at a premium. Exchange between England and Australia was more or less controlled, and against Australia.

Remember that money is just a means of exchange,(we could use anything, coffee beans , shells, whatever ) and as such can be utilised for wonderful projects. So I encourage everyone to make as much (monopoly )money as you can through means that are sustainable, environmentally sound and that are going to benefit all. AND THEN use that money of exchange for projects that will benefit ALL. Then you will have freedom to get off the Grid.

Just another thought for those of you who want too live on the land but apparently haven't got enough Bucks or think you haven’t. Get a group together , pool your resources and buy some land or approach ethical Businesses to Buy the land,then offer to work on it , create the gardens, plant trees and herbs on it in exchange for a piece of land and free rent. Try it, it can work. Some friends of mine have just done this . YAHOO !

All speeding fines, parking fines, etc are unlawful. Local Governments in Australia are Illegal and Rates are a tax . According to our constitution only the Federal Government or State Government can levy and collect taxes .They may be legal but they are not lawful. There is a difference. Check out Blacks Law dictionary to see what words mean when you are in Court or engaging in what is Legal. You are probably not saying what you think you are saying.

Also see the definition of Driver in Blacks Law Dictionary , most of us dont need a " Drivers Licence " .

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