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Lyme Disease Mix 1

Lyme Mix 1 (1 Litre)

Lyme Mix 1 (1 Litre)



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Information the ingredients of this product are available on purchase. If you are taking any supplement or herbs and wish to know if there are any incompatibilities or crossovers with my formula . Please send me a list of what you are taking and I will advise you if it is compatible. 

This mix is designed to assist people with Lyme disease and is an adjunctive mixture to the  Lyme mix. It is for those who have had the disease long term. The herbs in this mix help too break the protein coating around the Borellia. 

Some points on Lyme. 

From my experience with different clients over the past few years. Everyone is different, everyone has different needs and responses to the herbal mixtures with this particular dis-ease. 

Because of the varying co-infections finding a protocol that works for you ,  may take some time. 

The herbs can illicit a Herx reaction as the Bacteria are dying off . This is not the time to stop the herbal protocol.

The best thing to do is reduce the dosage of the herbs to a level where the Herx is bearable. The herx reaction , whilst unpleasant is a good sign . 


I have been a client of Dipaunka's for nearly 6 years now. It is because of his knowledge and connection through his passion of the 'Herb World' that I am alive and well today. 

My circumstance was complex. My dis-ease surfaced 6 years ago when I began to put on weight, have joint pain, dizziness and after having some blood tests with my GP I was diagnosed as having Diabetes type 2. I was on both medication and tinctures and my symptoms were getting worse and not better. I sought counsel again with both the Herbalist and my GP. Both of which scratched their heads and this was when i was then diagnosed with type 1 Diabetes. 

After another year passed I had gained 40 kilos in weight, was completely miserable, suffering from chronic fatigue, restless legs, joint pain, rashes and blood sugar imbalances that put me in danger of coma. I was being told it was all in my head by my GP and they wanted me to try antidepressants. 

It came to my awareness one day that I may actually have Lyme Disease. I contacted my GP and had some blood tests. My results came back as being "FALSE POSITIVE" my doctor was unable to help due to current politics around Lyme. (irony around Ticks no coincidence!!)

 I again turned to Dipaunka and this became the turning point in my healing journey. after 2 weeks of taking his Anti Lyme Mix I had a herx reaction (a healing crisis which is commonly experienced when treating Lyme like illness) The rashes disappeared and even though the Herx was off putting, I continued to use Herbal Tinctures, it was the very thing that confirmed the herbs were working.

 The herbalist, my partner and I continued to work together tweeking and developing a protocol for me to follow. 

The multi pronged approach of Herbs - Diet - Mediative practice over 18 months CURED me of my Dis-Ease....! I am now SYMPTOM free and have been so for the last 18 months. I am back in my size 10 jeans, having naturally letting the weight drop. I have not taken any insulin or tinctures for Lyme for the last 18 months. I do not have any Borriellia markers in my blood tests. 

My family and I are indeed BLESSED to have Dipaunka The Herbalist in our lives. Thank for empowering me in my healing journey.

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