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Worm/ Parasite mix

Worm / Parasite Mix (1 Litre)

Worm / Parasite Mix (1 Litre)



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Worm Mix - Ingredients List 

Butternut : Juglans cinerea - Laxative and Vermifuge.

Cloves : Syzygium aromaticum - Anti-emetic and also kills worm Larvae.

Garlic : Allium sativa - Antibiotic , Anthelmintic , Vermifuge . Also lowers cholesterol and high blood pressure.

Green Walnut Hull : Juglans nigra - Laxative , Blood Purifier and Vermifuge.

Macassar seeds : Brucea javanica - Anthelmintic , vermifuge and also used to treat Malaria and dysentery.

Mugwort : Artemisia vulgaris - Anthelmintic, laxative and purgative.

Quassia chips : Quassia amara - Anthelmintic , kills parasites , treats Malaria and is vermifuge.

Rangoon Creeper : Quisqualis indica - Anthelmintic, antiviral, Taenicide.

Tansy : Tanacetum vulgare - Anthelmintic and Vermifuge.

Wormwood : Artemisia absinthium - Anthelmintic , carminative stomachic , vermifuge .

Anthelmintic : A herb which kills and removes worms from the body.

Taenicide : A herb that kills tapeworms in the body.

Taenifuge  : A herb that expels tapeworms  from the body. 

Vermifuge - A herb which expels worms from the body .

Warning do not give to Pregnant Women  ! Several of the herbs in this formula are contraindicated in pregnancy ! Do not take if you are on Anticonvulsant medications . 

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