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Body Building Mix

Body Building Mix (1Litre )

Body Building Mix (1Litre )



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Body Building Mix

Are you interested in health, gaining Muscle mass the natural way without using steroids or products that contain Aspartame, Saccharin or other chemicals and additives that are detrimental to your health. Then my Body Building Formula is for you.

This formula helps you gain muscle, strengthens bones, cartilage, ligaments, muscles, gives you energy and makes you feel good without negative side effects .There are also other benefits that you will gain such as strengthening of the eyes, urinary system and cleansing the blood.

My Herbal Formula also contains other Kidney Yang tonics which help strengthen, support and nourish the Body in general. UnlIke Steroids which deplete Kidney Yang essence( which can lead to Erectile Dysfunction) and also deplete the Adrenals. Try it & see the difference for yourself. It works well in combination with Natural protein powders and a healthy diet.

The Herbs
Dodder -Cuscuta japonica
Eucommia - Eucommia ulmoides
Gokshura - Tribulus terrestris
He Shou Wu - Polygonum multiflorum
Lycium (Wolfberry ) - Lycium chinensis
Sarsparilla -Smilax officinalis
Saw Palmetto - Sabal serrulata
Teasel -Dipsacus asper
Willow Bark - Salix alba
Withania (Ashwagandha ) - Withania somniferum
Yerba Mate - Ilex paraguensis /paraguariensis

Dodder : Cuscuta japonica - Tonic to kidneys, nutrient to bones, cartilage and sinews.

Eucommia : Eucommia ulmoides - Tonic to the kidneys and liver , nutrient to bones, sinew, cartilage .

Gokshura : Tribulus terrestris - This herb strengthens the Kidneys , helps balance hormones in men(contains Testosterone ), stimulate the liver to emulsify fats , Improves protein metabolism .It also enhances recovery from exercise & muscle stress. It is a nutrient to the bones, sinews & cartilage. Contains Harmine which is a MAOI.

He Shou Wu : Polygonum multiflorum - Tonic to kidneys and Liver, nourishes the blood. Indicated for weak bones, cartilage and sinews, Contains a MAOI .

Lycium (Wolfberry ) : Lycium chinensis - Long used by the Chinese to increase longevity, it is a tonic for the liver, contains 13 % protein by weight ( ie:100 gm contains 13gms of protein ) . Also contains Vitamins B1, B2 , B6 , E , Beta carotene , 21 trace minerals & over 18 amino acids . Very high in Leucine which when metabolised produces HMB, ( beta-hydroxy beta - methylbutryrate ) which is known to triple strength and lean body mass

Sarsparilla : Smilax officinalis - A very good blood cleanser which is also a reproductive tonic and energy booster .It also contains natural steroids and steroidal saponins as well as increasing testosterone .

Saw Palmetto : Sabal serrulata -It is a tonic to the body and has some anti-inflammatory actions. It is anabolic, it strengthens and builds body tissue, and helps with weight gain. When used while training, and with the combination of the other herbs in this formula, this will convert to muscle gain.

Teasel : Dipsacus asper - It is a tonic to the liver and kidneys , a nutrient to the bones, sinews and cartilage . It also promotes muscle growth .

Willow Bark : Salix alba - Contains Salicin which when combined with caffeine helps burn up fat. Salicin is an alcoholic β-glucoside.

Withania (Ashwagandha ) : Withania somniferum - The Ayurvedic Ginseng which is used for both women and men, though primarily for men. It is a strong restorative tonic, helps recovery, lowers high blood pressure and improves sexual performance. A great rejuvenative for muscles, marrow, general fatigue and deblity. It helps with the loss of muscle energy.

Yerba Mate : Ilex paraguensis /paraguariensis - Contains caffeine which helps speed up metabolism. Caffeine, when combined with athletics, has been shown to decrease perceived exertion and allow for faster recovery between efforts.

NB. Do not use if taking SSRI's, antidepressants, warfarin or any blood thinners.

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