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Five Mushroom Mix aka Mega Mushroom Mix

Five Mushroom Mix (1Litre)

Five Mushroom Mix (1Litre)



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Five Miushroom Mix - Ingredients 

Cordyceps - Cordyceps sinensis  : Improves memory, deceases symptoms of depression , decreases stress, enhances endurance and performance,  increased: superoxide dismutase, glutathione peroxidase and catalase, hypoglycaemic, hypercholesterolemic, assist with reducing problems of aging , anti cancer 

Lions Mane - Hericium colloroides : Neuroprotective, restores myelin sheath, nootropic, antibiotic, anti carcinogenic, anti diabetic, hypotensive, anti- hyperlipodemic, hepatoprotective, nephroprotective, anti fatigue, anti oxidant, neuro regenerative, 

Maitake - Grifola frondosa :anti cancer, anti tumour, antibacterial, anti diabetic, immune booster, anti viral, antioxidant, hypotensive, hypercholesterolemic

Reishi - Ganoderma steyaertanum: Anti Cancer, immune booster, Immunomodulator, antiallergenic, Adaptogenic, nervine, antioxidant, brain enhancer

Shiitake - Lentinula edodes : Antibiotic, anti cancer, anti tumour, antibacterial, anti fungal, anti diabetic, immune booster, anti viral, antioxidant

Tremella  - Tremella fuciformis - assist with Atherosclerosis and high cholesterol,  reduction of Cancer , increases Healthy Skin, increases Heart Health, Treats fatigue, Immune Boosting, Brain Boosting, Manage diabetes , assist in Alzheimer’s disease, Enhances Skin Elasticity, Reduces Inflammation, assist with Wounds

Turkey Tail -  Trametes versicolor : Rich in antioxidants, Immune booster, anti cancer, antibacterial, antiviral, lowers cholesterol, assists with bone growth

Contra indications



bleeding disorders 

Hypo Glycemia

Hypo cholesterol

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