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Immunity Mix

Immunity Mix (1 Litre)

Immunity Mix (1 Litre)



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Immunity Mix - Ingredients Mix 

Andrographis : Andrographis paniculata - Alterative, antibacterial, anti biotic, anti - carcinogenic, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, anti viral , hepato-protective

Astragalus : Astragalus membranecus - Adaptogen, antibacterial, alterative 

Baical Skullcap : Scutellaria baicalensis  - anti- allergenic, anti-bacterial,anti biotic, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antioxidant

Cat's Claw : Uncaria tomentosa - Alterative, antibacterial, antibiotic,anti- inflammatory, antioxidant, anti antiviral, depurative, immunostimulant.

Echinacea : Echinacea augustifolia  - Alterative, antibiotic

Garlic : Alium sativum -  Alterative, antibiotic, anticholesterolemic, hypotensive 

Jiao Gu Lan :Gynostemma pentaphylla -  Adaptogen, alterative,  antioxidant, hepatic,  immune stimulator, tonic 

Maitake  : Grifola frondosa - Anti cancer, anti oxidant, antiviral, Adaptogen, hepatic,  immune stimulator

Olive Leaf : Olea europa - Anti viral, hypotensive 

Pau D' Arco : Tabeburia avellanedae  - Alterative, antibacterial, antibiotic, anti carcinogenic, anti fungal, antiviral 

NB- do not take if on Hypotensive meds , warfarin or blood thinners 

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