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Liver Cleanse

Liver Cleanse (1 Litre)

Liver Cleanse (1 Litre)



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Liver Cleanse - Ingredients Mix 

This mixture is designed to cleanse and assist the Liver in regenerating. Taking this mixture may result in old anger issues rising to the surface and being released .

Andrographis : Andrographis paniculata -  Hepatic, anti hepatitis, hepatoprotective 

Barberry Bark : Berberis vulgaris -  Cholagogue, Hepatic, laxative, purgative, 

Bupleurum : Bupleurum falcatum Alterative, hepatic, 

Chickory Root : Cichorium intybus - Cholagogue, depurative, laxative.

Dandelion Root : Taraxacum officinale -  Cholagogue , Hepatic

Globe Artichoke Leaf : Cynara  scolymus - Hypolipidemic, cholagogue , hypocholesterolemic, antihepatoxic , hepatoprotective

Lemon : Citrus limonum - Liver cleanser, [contains Limonene in the peel which is anti viral and prevents cancer. the whole lemons are used in the manufacture of our lemon tincture ), Depurative

Schisandra : Schisandra chinensis - Hepatoprotective, anti hepatitis

St. Mary's Thistle: Silybum marianum -  Liver regenerator , hepatic, hepatoprotective

Turmeric : Curcuma longa - Cholagogue

Yellow Dock Root : Rumex crispus  - Cholagogue, hepatic 

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