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Travel Mix

Travel Mix (1 Litre)

Travel Mix (1 Litre)



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Travel Mix - Ingredients List 

This Mixture is designed to be taken by anyone travelling in Asia, India, Africa, the Caribbean or South America 

Andrographis: Andrographis paniculatta - Anti malarial, anti HIV, anti hepatitis, hepatic, 

Boldo Leaves :  Peumus boldus - Anti malarial , hepatic

Bupleurum : Bupleurum falcatum - Anti malarial, anti black water fever, hepatic

Cats Claw :Uncaria tomentosa - Anti - inflammatory , Antiviral , immune stimulant, 

Chang Shan : Dichroa febrifuga - Anti malarial, febrifuge, 

Chinese Anemone : Pulsatilla chinensis - Antidysenteric [ for amoebic dysentry ] anti pyretic

Cinchona Bark : Cinchona officinalis - Anti fungal, anti malarial, anti parasitic, febrifuge 

Cinnamon :Cinnamon zeylanicum - Antiviral, anti bacterial [ kills E coli ] , anti emetic, anti fungal, antiseptic . 

Gentian : Gentiana lutea - Antidysenteric , Used to help with typhoid and cholera.

Ginger : Zingiber official - Anti  emetic, Antidysenteric, Used to help with typhoid and cholera.

Quassia Chips : Picrasma excelsa - Antimalarial, anti parasitic, anthelmintic, febrifuge, vermifuge 

Rangoon Creeper : Quisqualis indica Anti Tapeworm, anthelmintic  

Snake Gourd : Trichosanthes kirilowii - Antifungal, anti-inflammatory , febrifuge

Tansy :Tanacetum vulgare Anthelmintic, vermifuge

Vervain : Verbena officinalis - Used to help with typhoid and cholera., hepatic, nervine. 

"I looked at the possible side effects of anti malarial drugs, considered the length of time I would be in Malawi and Mozambique, and quickly looked for alternatives. Dr D's herbal Travel Mix saw me through a year long sojourn which included Bolivia, Romania, Malawi and the Solomon Islands, for what eventuated as the healthiest year of my life" Peter Keelan

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