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Basil / Ocimum basilicum / spp.

Basil: Details, Properties, Effects

Labiatae/ Lamiaceae





Folk / Common Names:

Ai K'Ang , Albahaca], American Dittany, Basil , Basilic, Basilicon, Basilicum , Chahchabram , Chiu Ts'Eng T'A , Feslegen , Hsiang Ts'Ai , I Tzu Ts'Ao , Lo Le, Me-Boki , Our Herb, Raihan Al Malik, Raihana , Rainan , Selaseh, Selaseh Hitam , Selaseh Jantan , Selasih, St. Josephs Wort , Sweet Basil, Tulsi, Witches Herb.


Antibacterial , Antispasmodic, Aromatic, Carminative, Digestive, Galactagogue, Opthalmic, Stomachic, Tonic, Memory enhancer

Part(s) Used:

Leaf and Seed


Volatile oil, tannins, saponin. Polyphenolic acids, Vitamins A , C and proteins.


Used to remove wind from the stomach , to increase breast milk and help ease colic in babies. It aids the memory so I use it in study mixes . It is also of benefit in digestive tonics and for killing bacteia in the digestive tract.

Majikal Uses:

Sooths tempers between lovers, used in love incense , fresh leaves are used as a love perfume when rubbed on the skin. It brings wealth when carried in the pocket. it is used to ensure fidelity in your relationshiip. It is used for purification baths and to keep negativity away. Given as a gift it brings luck to a new home.


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