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Chaste Berry / Vitex agnus castus

Chaste Berry: Details, Properties, Effects





agnus castus

Folk / Common Names:

Chaste tree, Monks pepper, Chaste lamb, Abraham's balm, Hemp tree, Three leaf Chaste tree, Keuschbaum, Shag, Ibrahim, Kaff maryam, Gatillier, Agneaux chaste, Abre au poivre, Schaffmullen


Tonic for the Female reproductive organs.

Part(s) Used:

The dried fruit.


Iridoid glycosides - including aucbin and agnoside, flavonoids including casticin, isovitexin, and orientin, essential oil 1.64 % ( sabinene, 1.8 cineole, alpha-pinene)


It was used by the monks in ancient times to suppress their libido. It is an anaphrodisiac as opposed to Black Pepper which is a male aphrodisiac. It stimulates and normalizes pituitary gland functions, especially its progesterone function. It also seems to have a regulatory effect on oestrogen production as it works well in most ailments of the female reproductive system. It is useful for PMS, menopause, dysmenorrhoea and any disorders related to hormonal imbalance. It has been used to treat fibroids, inflammation of the uterus lining and to normalize the system after ceasing the pill.

Majikal Uses:


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