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Codonopsis # / Codonopsis pilosa

Codonopsis #: Details, Properties, Effects






Folk / Common Names:

Dang Shen


Adaptogenic, Chi tonic, stimulant, stomachic, tonic to spleen and lungs, potent appetiser, digestive, galactagogue and sialagogue.

Part(s) Used:



Triterpenoid saponins, Sterins,Alkaloid [ perlolyrin], Alkenyl and Alkenyl glycosides , Tangshenoside 1


Codonopsis can be used by women as a substitute for Ginseng. It is warming but not heating. It is a tonic for the lungs, spleen and stomach. Used to increase energy and overcome fatigue, lack of appetite, dyspepsia, and prolapse of the rectum. It also can improve strained and shallow breathing. It also delays aging, and fights anoxia and radiation. According to a study, Codonopsis may help safeguard against alcoholic fatty liver. People, weakened either by illnesses or by chemo- and radiation therapy, may use this herb to strengthen the body and hasten the recovery. Pregnant and nursing women and people with chronic fatigue syndrome benefit from Codonopsis. It is also of benefit for People with Chronic Lyme disease to assist with recovery and increase energy.

Majikal Uses:

none known


Codonopsis has a really low toxicity however an overdose can result in irregular pulse and precordial discomfort, which gets better after stopping taking the Herb. Codonopsis should not be taken in excess and for too long.

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