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Dan Shen / Salvia miltiorrhiza

Dan Shen: Details, Properties, Effects





Labiatae/ Lamiaceae

Folk / Common Names:

Red sage, tan shen, Chinese sage, Danshen, Scarlet Root, Chi shen, Zi Dan Shen


Activate blood and remove stasis, cools the blood and removes abscess, relieve restlessness, promotes circulation, dissolves clots, tonic to the blood, cooling to the blood, sedative. Antiphlogistic to the Liver. Anti-oxidation, Anti-thrombosis , Anti-proliferation of vascular smooth muscle cells Improvement of acute myocardial ishemia, Antibiotic, anti-platelet, anti-neoplastic, Anti-coagulant, Hepatoprotective.

Part(s) Used:

The root


salvianolic acid or salvianolic acid B, dihydrotanshinone, tanshinone I, tanshinone II A Tanshinone II B; hydroxytanshionone, methyltan- shinonate, methylenetanshinquinone, przewatanshin- quinone A, miltirone, tanshinol A, tanshinol B, tanshinol C, nortanshinone, tetrahydrotanshiquinone, isotanshinone I, II; isocryp- totanshinone, tanshiquinone A, B, C


It is used for the following conditions - Amenorrhea, metrorrhagia, mastitis, post natal abdominal pains, pains in the body due to poor circulation, acute pains in the abdomen and chest, heart palpitations, blood clots, insomnia. It is bitter and slightly cold.Anti-inflammatory (5)

Majikal Uses:


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