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Lavender / Lavendula angustifolia

Lavender: Details, Properties, Effects

Labiatae / Lamiaceae





Folk / Common Names:

Alfazema Brava , Alhucema , Alhucena , Broad-leaf Lavender , Broadleaved Lavender ,Elf Leaf, English Lavender , Espliego , Grande Lavande , Lavande Aspic , Lavando Spigo , Lavanta , Lavender Vera , Nard, Nardas, Spijk Lavendel , Spik Lavendel , Spike, Spike Lavender , Spikenard , True Lavender ,


Antihalitosis; Antiseptic;Anti- inflammatory , Antispasmodic; Aromatic; Carminative; Cholagogue; Diuretic; Hypotensive , Nervine; Sedative; Stimulant; Stomachic; Tonic

Part(s) Used:

Flowers , Leaf


The principal constituent of Lavender is the volatile oil, of which the dried flowers contain from 1.5 to 3 per cent fresh flowers yielding about 0.5 per cent. Lavender oil is soluble in all proportions of alcohol. The volatile oil (also called essential oil) of lavender contains many constituents, including linaloyl acetate, perillyl alcohol, linalool, b-ocimene, cineole, camphor, geraniol, borneol, camphor, pinene, limonene, sesquiterpene caryophyllene oxide, tannins, derivatives of rosmarinic acid, courmarin,flavonoids, phytosterols and triterpinoids. Linalyl acetate, its acetic ester, has a pleasant, sweet, fruity, aroma which along with its antimicrobial properties makes lavender unique.


The essential oil can be used neat on burns. I have used this many times myself and also used it on my son Bodhi when he was severely burnt at age 2.5 . He had 3rd degree burns on his bottom after an accidnet while playing with his friend . He had no scarring after the treatment and the burns healed within a week. The essential oil can be used in skincare preparations, creams , ointments and lotions. Known topical usesof the essential oil include acne, burns, cellulite, cold sores, eczema, edema, fatigue, halitosis, headache, infection, insect bites, insect repellent, insect stings, irritability, joint pain, lice, muscle soreness, rheumatism, scabies, scars, snakebites, toothache, vertigo and yeast infections. The tincture is useful for high blood pressure, insomnia, nervous tension, skin disorders, headaches, mild depression. It is also good for nervous exhaustion , for getting rid of gas from the intestines and combines well with Catnip to help settle restless children. Lavender is also useful as an antibacterial agent; the herb exhibits activity against diphtheria, typhoid, pneumonia, staph, strep and many flu viruses.

Majikal Uses:

Used in love spells and love sachets . It is used to bring harmony and peacefulness in the home. Used in healing spells, and worn to protect against negativity.Its powers are Chastity, Love, longevity ,happiness, peace, protection, purification, sleep. I use it in smudge sticks for cleansing and protection.


Contra - Indications : Ingesting lavender should be avoided during pregnancy as it may cause uterine contractions and breastfeeding.However it can be used to assist in the birthing process. Do not use if suffering from Hypotension

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