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Adaptogen Super Mix

Adaptogen Super Mix (1 Litre)

Adaptogen Super Mix (1 Litre)



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Adaptogen Super Mix - Ingredients

Astragalus : Astragalus membranes - Adaptogen , anti oxidant,  Immune stimulant. Increases  endurance, stamina and resistance to infection, Enhances immune function - via stimulation of monocytes and macrophages, T-cell activity, and interferon production. It also  Exhibits  antioxidant and free radical scavenging activity  Lower blood pressure, enhance heart function, protect heart muscle from oxidant damage .

Codonopsis : Codonopsis pilosa -  Adoptogenic,Chi tonic, stimulant . Dang Shen is an important herb in Chinese medicine, it is a gentle tonic that increases energy levels and helps the body adapt to stress . The root contains saponins, triterpenes and steroids, it is similar in action to ginseng (Panax species), but it is milder and has a shorter-lasting effect. Research has shown that it increases haemoglobin and red blood cell levels and lowers the blood pressure. It also helps increase endurance to stress and promotes alertness

Jiao Gu Lan  :  Gynostemma pentaphyllum - Adaptogen , anti aging, antioxidant immune stimulant. Studies on Jiao Gu Lan  have found that the plant is effective in regulating blood pressure, strengthening the immune system, lowering cholesterol, and in increasing stamina and endurance. 

Rhodiola Root : Rhodiola rosea - Anti depressant, adaptogen, immune stimulant, anti oxidant, energy enhancer , anti stress , immune modulator. Unlike stimulants, benefits accumulate over time and there is no risk of addiction. It prevents the release of excessive amounts of stress hormones and therefore prevents their eventual depletion (adrenal fatigue occurs when the stress hormones are depleted) enhances physical and mental performance , improves survival in severe physical environments , calm the stress response while increasing cellular energy .

Schisandra berries : Schisandra chinensis - Adaptogen, antiaging, Antioxidant, anti fatigue, aphrodisiac, hepatoprotective, nervine, stimulant. It is an excellent tonic and restorative, helping in stressful times and increasing zest for life. It is considered to be a substitute for ginseng and is said to be a tonic for both the male and the female sex organs. Low doses of the fruit are said to stimulate the central nervous system whilst large doses depress it. The fruit also regulates the cardiovascular 

Siberian Ginseng : Eleutherococcus senticosus - It is an adaptogen and also stimulates resistance to stress so is a good general tonic for the whole body and also for the adrenal glands. Siberian ginseng is ideal for people who have an excess of cortisol, the stress hormone released by the adrenal glands. Usually, the body responds to pain, stress and injury by releasing excessive amounts of cortisol. Ingesting Siberian ginseng helps regulate the amount of cortisol in the body. Thus it is most effective in people dealing with high amounts of stress and tension.

Suma  : Pfaffia paniculata  - Adaptogen, aphrodisiac, immune enhancer, tonic. In herbal medicine throughout the world today, suma is considered a tonic and an adaptogen. In modern Brazilian herbal medicine practices, suma root is employed as a cellular oxygenator and taken to stimulate appetite and circulation, increase estrogen production, balance blood sugar levels, enhance the immune system, strengthen the muscular system, and enhance memory.

Withania / Ashwaganda
: Withania somnifera - Consdered to be the Indian equivalent of Ginseng, it is an adaptogen and is used to treat nervous exhaustion, debility and impotence. It improves vitality and also aids those suffering from insomnia . It improves the body's ability to maintain physical effort and helps us cope with various types of stress.

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