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Herbal Mouth Wash

Herbal Mouth Wash (1 Litre)

Herbal Mouth Wash (1 Litre)



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Herbal Mouthwash- Ingredients list 

This Herbal Mouth wash may help with Gingivitis, halitosis, tooth ache, mouth ulcers, oral candida . Also can be used to fresh your breath after a meal laden with garlic or if you are a smoker 

Bayberry Bark  : Myrica cerifera - Astringent, antiscrofulous, alterative

Calendula : Calendula officinalis - Anti microbial, antiseptic, astringent , vulnerary

Clove : Eugenia caryophyllata  -  Analgesic , antiseptic

Drynaria : Drynaria fortunei - Inhibits osteoclast function, stimulates osteoblast function, used in TCM to reduce peridontal disease. 

Myrrh : Commiphora molmol - Anti-inflammatory, antiseptic

Peppermint : Mentha x Piperita - Analgesic , antiseptic, antimicrobial

Sage : Salvia officinalis - Antiseptic, antimicrobial, astringent 
Stevia : Stevia rebaudiana - Anti-fungal

Thyme : Thymus vulgaris  - Antimicrobial , astringent . 

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