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Detox Mix

Detox Mix (1 Litre)

Detox Mix (1 Litre)



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Detox Mix - Ingredients

Barberry : Berberris vulgaris - Liver cleanser and tonic, splenetic, 
Buplerum : Bupleurum falcatum - Liver tonic and cleanser
Chapperal : Larrea tridenta / mexicana - Blood purifier, detoxifier
Cleavers : Galium aparine - Lymphatic cleanser
Indian Madder : Rubia cordifolia -Blood cleanser /tonic, detoxifier
Japanese Knot Weed : Polygonum cuspidatum- Depurative, anticholestric 
Nettle : Urtica dioica - Blood cleanser , Iron tonic
Pau D ‘ Arco : Tabebuia spp. -Blood purifier / tonic, Detoxifier
St. Mary's Thistle : Liver cleanser, tonic and Liver cell regenerator
Tumeric : Curcuma longa - Liver / gallbladder tonic , anticholestric
Yellow Dock : Rumex crispus - Blood/iron tonic, Liver & Gall bladder tonic, Blood Cleanser

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My name is Michael Roberts.I have been working in both the construction and mining industries for many years.In this time I have had to endure many medicals which included Drug and Alcohol screens.Thanks to the herbalist detox solution I have passed these medicals with flying colours every time. If THE HERBALIST'S instructions are followed,  the detox solution will work for you as it has for myself 100% of the time.

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