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Fibroid Mix

Fibroid Mix (1 litre)

Fibroid Mix (1 litre)



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Fibroid Mix - Ingredients List 

Black Cohosh : Cimicifuga racemosa : Nervine, Female reproductive Tonic.

Blue Cohosh : Caulophyllum thalictroides : Anti inflammatory, Female reproductive tonic .

Bupleurum : Bupleurum falcatum: Liver tonic, helps treat prolapse of the Uterus, clears old emotions

Chaste Berry : Vitex Agnus-castus : Normaliser, Balances oestrogen up or down as needed .

Cleavers : Galium aparine : Alterative, Cleanses the Lymphatic system, breaks down fibroids or other growths .

Fritillary : Fritillaria verticillata : Scatters blockages, softens hard tissue, reduces swelling in the lymph glands and clears infected abcesses and breast tumours.

Mistletoe : Viscum album : Supports the immune system, clears growths or tumours, lowers high blood pressure .

Perriwinkle : Vinca major : Clears growths, anti cancer

Poke Root : Phytolacca decandra : Alterative, anti inflammatory, cleanses the lymphatic system.

Wild Yam :Dioscorea villosa - Liver tonic, helps with the production of progesterone

NB.  Contra - Not to be taken if pregnant 

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