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Male Tonic Mix

Male Tonic Mix (1 Litre)

Male Tonic Mix (1 Litre)



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Male Tonic Mix - Ingredients List 

Cistanche -: Cistanche salsa- Used for impotence, premature ejaculation, frequency of urination, weakness of tendons, infertility, constipation in old age , strengthens Kidney / Yang essence.

Damiana: Tunera aphrodisiaca / diffusa - Testosterogenic , Aprhrodisiac , Antidepressant

Dodder: Cuscuta japonica -Kidney Yang tonic , anti impotence

Eucommia: Eucommia ulmoides -Kidney Yang tonic , anti impotence

Gingko : Gingko biloba - Increases Circulation, MAOI 

Gokshura: Tribulus terrestris - Kidney tonic , increases Testosterone ,anti impotence, contains a MAOI 

Hemidesmus : Hemidesmus indicus - It is believed that one of active compounds produced by roots improves male testosterone levels and therefore improves sexual desire, sperm count and overall sexual performance.

He sho Wu - Polygonum multiflorum - Sexual Tonic , slows down aging of sexual organs , antioxidant, liver tonic , enhances sexual drive and fertility in men and women. It can increase sperm count in men and help build more semen even in old age.

Horny Goat Weed: Epimedium sagittatum -Male tonic , Kidney Tonic , Aphrodisiac

Muira Puama : Liriosma ovata - Aphrodisiac , Nerve tonic

Sarsparilla : Smilax officinalis - increases Testosterone

Scruffy Pea : Psoralea corylifolia - Aphrodisiac , vasodilator

Xian Mao : Curculigo orchiodes - Reproductive restorant

NB. do not use if taking SSRI's, anti-depressants or steroids.

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