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Period Pain and PMT Mix

Period Pan and PMT Mix (1 Litre)

Period Pan and PMT Mix (1 Litre)



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Period Pain/ PMT Mix - Ingredients List 

Black Cohosh - Cimicifuga racemosa : Antispasmodic , astringent ,emmenagogue , Nervine , Female reproductive Tonic

Black Haw - Viburnum prunifolium : Antispasmodic , Emmenagogue, uterine tonic , contains salicin .

Chaste Berry
- Vitex Agnus-castus : Normaliser , Balances oestrogen up or down as needed

Cramp Bark - Viburnum opulus : Uterine tonic , antispasmodic, uterine sedative.,emmenagogue

Corydalis - Corydalis ambigua : Anodyne ,sedative , tranquilizer.

Jasmine Flowers - Jasminum grandiflorum : Anti depressant ,Yin tonic, emmenagogue, nervine, cooling to the blood.

Ladies Mantle - Alchemilla vulgaris - Uterine tonic

Rose Petals - Rosa centifolia : Astringent, emmenagogue, nervine, refrigerant, Yin tonic . Relives congestion of the blood .

Willow Bark -Salix alba : Anodyne contains salicin which is metabolized into salicylic acid in the body .

* Contra not to be taken by anyone on warfarin or who is pregnant

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