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High Blood Pressure

High Blood Pressure Mix (1 Litre)

High Blood Pressure Mix (1 Litre)


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High Blood Pressure


This mixture is for anyone who is suffering from stress induced hypertension

Chinese Hawthorn – Crataegus pinnatifida : Hypotensive, vasodilatory, platelet inhibitor  [ Shan Zha ]

Coleus – Coleus forskoli : Cardiac tonic, antihypertensive, vasodilatory

Hawthorn Berries – Crataegus monogyna : Cardiac tonic , hypotensive

Lavender - Lavendula angustifolia : Hypotensive

Morinda Root – Morinda officinalis : Antihypertensive, antiinflammatory [ Ba Ji Tian ]

Morning Star – Uncaria rhynchophylla : Antispasmodic  [ Gou Teng ]

Olive Leaf – Olea europa : Hypotensive

Ningpo Figwort – Scrophularia ningpoensis : Antiphlogistic, refrigerant to the blood[ Xuan Shen ]

Rehmannia (raw) – Rehmannia glutinosa : Blood tonic, hemostatic [Shu Di Huang ]

Rhodiola Root - Antioxidant, anti anxiety, Rhodiola has been found to decrease harmful blood lipids and thus decrease the risk of heart disease. It also is used for tachycardia.

Rose petals – Rosa gallica : Harmonises blood, nervine, refrigerant to the blood , heart tonic ,

Siberian Ginseng - Eleutherococcus senticosus : Antispasmodic

NB. Do not use if taking heart medications or hypotensive medications.  

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