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Wellbeing Tonic

Wellbeing Tonic (1 Litre)

Wellbeing Tonic (1 Litre)



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Wellbeing Tonic - Ingredients List 

Astragalus : Astragalus membranecus - Immune stimulant,Anti Ageing,  anti- tumour, antioxidant, antiallergenic . hypoglycaemic, inhibits HSV 

Codonopsis : Codonopsis pilosa -  This herb can be a good substitute for Ginseng as it is not so Yang. It increases Chi, aids the stomach, lungs and spleen. It helps lower blood sugar and is warming . It is great for people who are stressed and it can help boost the immune system. It is best kept in the fridge as it is soft and sweet and the bugs love it

Echinacea : Echinacea purpurea - Boosts immune system, anti-allergenic, antibacterial, antibiotic,  antiviral, alliterative. anti- inflammatory, 

Ginger : Zingiber officinale - Antiseptic, anti emetic, anti-inflammtory, carminative, circulatory stimulant.

Gingko : Gingko biloba - Anti-allergenic, anti asthmatic, anti -inflammatory, antioxidant, brain tonic , circulatory stimulant, contains a MAOI

Gotu Kola : Hydrocotyle / Centella  asiatica -Anti- inflammatory,  anti rheumatic, peripheral vasodilator, tonic .

Hawthorn : Crataegus oxycantha - antioxidant, cardio tonic, hypotensive, vasodilator . Contains the bioflavonoids, rutin and quercitin. 

Jiao Gu Lan : Gynostemma pentaphyllum - Adoptogenic , great long-term tonic for Qi deficiency. It is frequently used for weakened immune system, stress, recovery from surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.Helps slow down the aging process, is a powerful antioxidant, protecting the body from free radical damage, helps strengthen the immune system to resist diseases.It is called the Herb of immortality .

Licorice : Glycyrrhiza glabra - Adrenal tonic, Alterative, alexipharmic, anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic, Diuretic, depurative, demulcent, emollient, expectorant,mild laxative, pectoral, tonic

: Lycium chinesis - Long used by the Chinese to increase longevity , it is a tonic for the liver , contains 13 % protein by weight ( 100 gm contains 13gms of protein ) . Also contains Vitamins B1, B2 , B6 , E , Beta carotene , 21 trace minerals & over 18 amino acids . Very high in Leucine which when metabolised produces HMB , ( beta-hydroxy beta - methylbutryrate ) which is known to triple strength and lean body mass

Maitake : Grifola frondosa - Anti - Bacterial, Anti Cancer, Anti- cholesterolimic, Anti - HIV, Anti - Oxidant, Anti-platelet, Anti - Tumour, hypoglycaemic, hypotensive, Immune booster, 

Nettle : Urtica dioica - Blood cleanser , Iron tonic

Oats :Avena sativa - Nerve & energy tonic

Schisandra : Schisandra chinensis - Liver protector , adaptogenic, excellent tonic and restorative, helping in stressful times . The fruit is antitussive, aphrodisiac, hepatic, astringent, cardiotonic, cholagogue, expectorant, hypotensive, lenitive, nervine, pectoral, sedative, stimulant and tonic

Withania : Withania somnifera - Adoptogenic , Tonic , memory enhancer , adrenal tonic , The Ayurvedic Ginseng which is used for both women and men though it is primarily a Male tonic  . It is a strong restorative tonic, helps recovery, lowers high blood pressure and improves sexual performance. A great rejuvenative for muscles, marrow, general fatigue and deblity . It helps with the loss of muscle energy.

Yerba Mate : Ilex paraguariensis - Contains . 3 - 1.7 % caffeine , increases stamina and endurance.

NB. Do not use if taking  SSRI's,  anti-depressants, steroids or heart medications. 

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